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Chemical Safety

Overview of Activities

Sumitomo Chemical took the lead as a diversified chemicals manufacturer in supporting the Ministry of the Environment's Eco-First program*, promising to conduct appropriate risk assessments for all its products manufactured or sold in annual amounts of one tonne or more by fiscal 2020 as part of its Eco-First commitments.
In the risk assessments, the Company will assess the impact of chemical substances on human health and the environment throughout the life cycle of the substances by considering both hazard and exposure. The Environmental Health Science Laboratory plays a central role in safety research, making use of the latest scientific knowledge and advanced technologies as well as the Company's abundant expertise in chemical safety assessment accumulated over many years to conduct prompt and precise chemical risk assessment.
Based on the assessment results, Sumitomo Chemical is actively working to enhance appropriate risk management of chemical products throughout their entire lifecycles.

*The Eco-First program was launched to encourage leading companies in each industry to undertake more environmental activities. Under the program, companies make commitments to the Minister of the Environment for implementing advanced and unique initiatives that impart excellent ripple effects toward environmental protection.

  • * SDS

    Safety Data Sheet : Sheet that describes information necessary for the safe handling of chemical products (their properties, handling methods, safety measures, etc.)