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Occupational Safety and Health, Industrial Safety and Disaster Prevention

Overview of Activities

Occupational Safety and Health

We conduct occupational health and safety activities based on the Corporate Policy of "making safety our first priority." Measures include improvements to our facilities and operation of an Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS*) to prevent labor accidents and ensure the safety and health of our employees.

  • *OSHMS :

    System to promote occupational health and safety management in a planned and continuous manner to improve health and safety levels at the worksites

    In May 2003, Sumitomo Chemical's Chiba Works was the first of the Company's facilities to receive certification for an Occupational Safety & Health Management System (OSHMS) from Japan Safety & Health Association (JISHA). By fiscal 2009, five Sumitomo Chemical's Works as well as its Tsukuba Research Laboratory(currently Tsukuba Material Development Laboratory and Advanced Materials Reserch Laboratory) and Health & Crop Sciences Research Laboratory had also received certification for an OSHMS and have been operating under this system.

Safety and Disaster Prevention

We ensure the safety of our plants and the soundness of our facilities and prevent accidents at our plants by evaluating safety at every phase, including in the development of manufacturing processes, the design and construction of a plant, operation and maintenance of the plant, and dismantling, with due and continuous consideration for the environment as well as zero-accident and zero-disaster operations.
In addition, we conduct strict risk assessments in our efforts to continually strengthen safety measures and enhance our process safety management system.