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Hand in Hand with Employees

Human Resources Development

Based on Sumitomo's belief that “people make the company,” we have a variety of human resources development programs in line with our principles on human resources development and training in our aim to nurture world-class professionals.

For Sumitomo Chemical, world-class professionals are:

  1. People who can clearly express their own opinions while understanding and respecting the cultures of people from other countries from a broad perspective
  2. People who are first-class professionals in their respevtive positions and roles
  3. People who are creating higher value using their professional abilities
  4. People who can improve the business results and performance of the organization by the use of the value thus created

Human resources development and training policies and details

Human resources development and training policies Details
Systematically develop Global Leaders Global leader training
Leader training
Facilitate smooth transfer of technologies and skills Training common to the production departments
Safety & Disaster Prevention Training
Develop Human Resources necessary for global business development English communication skill training
TOEIC test
Cross-cultural Training / Preparatory Training for Overseas Assignment
Overseas assignment / Studying abroad
Provide support to employees in acquiring required knowledge / skills / competencies based on their mission and role
  1. Knowledge / skills
Sales & marketing training
Specialized knowledge training
  1. Competency
Competency development training
  1. Career development
Career development training
Training upon promotion
  1. Others
CSR training
Human Right Protection Course