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Contributing to the Sustainable Development of Society

Messages from Members of the CSR Promotion Committee

Masakazu Tokura, Representative Director & President

As stated in our Basic CSR Policy, we at the Sumitomo Chemical Group have been deeply committed to continuously creating and providing new value for our stakeholders, and thereby enhancing our enterprise value while also contributing to enriching people's lives and solving problems facing society at large and the global environment. And we have demonstrated our commitment in every aspect of our activity, from efforts to enhance efficiency and profitability to safety, environmental and quality assurance initiatives and social actions.

The 17 ambitious goals laid out in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) present what the international community will strive as a whole to achieve by 2030 in a wide range of fields encompassing the economy, the environment and society. The chemical industry is an exciting industry that can contribute in a major way to these efforts to develop a sustainable society.

We at the Sumitomo Chemical Group will remain firmly committed to Sumitomo's principle that our business must not only benefit our interests but society at large, which is an essential part of Sumitomo Chemical's DNA that has enabled the company to last for 100 years. Each of us will stay aware of how we contribute to society through our work and boldly take on the challenge of further creating new value by leveraging the versatile power of chemistry. And we will work together to build a resilient Sumitomo Chemical Group and contribute to the development of a sustainable society through our businesses.

Hiroshi Niinuma, Managing Executive Officer

By executing our tasks while being ever mindful of the Sumitomo Spirit, which has gained fresh significance with the SDGs, each member in the Group continues inspiring each other proactively so we may truly sense our development as individuals and our contributions to society.

Committee Member
Toshihisa Deguchi, Representative Director & Executive Vice President

By developing and providing revolutionary products and technologies, Business of IT-related Chemicals Sector supports greater development of the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) industry and continues to help create fuller, more meaningful lives for everyone.

Committee Member
Yoshihiko Okamoto, Representative Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer

The dawn of the so-called "super smart society" is nearly upon us. We work to build a new business model that can meet the needs of our time and provide new value to society.
Note: The Government of Japan adopted the term "super smart society" in its 2016 Fifth Science and Technology Basic Plan.

Committee Member
Ray Nishimoto, Representative Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer

Health & Crop Sciences Sector contributes to the global issues of "Food production", "Health & Hygiene improvement" and "Environment protection and improvement" through our business activities based on our various technologies greatly.
I would like you all to join in on achieving the SDGs through each of our business operations including: manufacturing, sales & marketing, R&D and all other supporting functions.
Let's have pride and confidence of our contributions!

Committee Member
Kunio Nozaki, Representative Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer

We aim to increase corporate value and gain the trust of society thorough compliance, as well as appropriate disclosure and communication with each stakeholder while being ever mindful of how we support society through our business activities.

Committee Member
Hiroshi Ueda, Representative Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer

Energy & Functional Materials Sector actively contributes to the sustainable development of society by offering various products and technologies that help solve issues in the environment and energy fields.

Committee Member
Noriaki Takeshita, Representative Director & Managing Executive Officer

In the Petrochemicals & Plastics Sector, we aim to get a real sense of CSR and to ingrain the sense into the company by taking safety assurance and environmental protection measures throughout the product lifecycle; 1) product/technology development, 2) safe and stable operations of manufacturing facilities and 3) product use and disposal.

Committee Member
Ikuzo Ogawa, Senior Managing Executive Officer

We continue to contribute to society in our daily business activities by offering as many solutions as possible to problems in diverse fields, from the environment and energy to ICT, health, and food.

Committee Member
Yasuhiko Kitaura, Managing Executive Officer

Responsible Care (RC) activities function one of three pillars of CSR.
Through our RC activities, we will promote CSR with the employment of novel technologies and methodologies and contribute to the sustainable development of our society and business.