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Energy & Functional Materials Research Laboratory

Measuring the acoustic isolation properties of a polymer in an anechoic room

In order to expand its business relating to energy and the environment, Energy & Functional Materials Research Laboratory is conducting research and development in a broad range of fields, including inorganic materials, polymer materials, and organic synthesis, to create new products and enhance the competitiveness of existing products, such as battery materials, high-performance polymers, super engineering plastics, and high-performance rubber and new additives for fuel-efficient tires.
In addition, in accordance with the globalization of this business, its research and development is also being conducted in collaboration with Sumitomo Chemical’s overseas group companies.

Major Research Areas

Development of high performance inorganic materials

High-purity alumina
(electron microscope photo)

We are engaged in the development of high-performance inorganic materials that demonstrate functionality in environmental cleanup, telecommunications, energy savings and other areas.
Our high-purity alumina (see photo) is currently being used in recording media, highly advanced ceramics, and LED single-crystal substrates.

Development of high performance additives

Polymer additives

We have developed highly functional chemicals with diverse end uses, such as polymer additives, rubber chemicals for use in tires, and adhesives. We are continuing our efforts to conduct performance evaluations, develop new applications and create new, more highly functional chemicals to meet today’s requirements for energy- and resource-efficiency.