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vol. 1996 - II (1996.11.29 issue)

Development of Advanced Alumina - SUMICORUNDUM -

Alumina powders is the most widely used in the world for oxide ceramic applications. An ideal powder is mono-dispersed powder which has not been able to be produced commercially yet.
We developed a nearly mono-dispersed alumina powder??SUMICORUNDUM??which is crystallinely grown by In Situ Chemical Vapor Deposition. SUMICORUNDUM is single crystal powder which has precisely controlled particle size, and will make a breakthrough in the manufacture of alumina ceramic.
In this report we summarize superior characteristics and several applications of SUMICORUNDUM.
( by Masahide MOHRI, Shinichiro TANAKA, Yoshio UCHIDA, Yoshinari SAWABE )

Evaluation of Male Reproductive Toxicity

Male reproductive toxicity has been investigated using parameters such as copulation index, fertility index of male rats treated with chemicals for approximately 9 weeks before mating. But recently, much evidence suggests that these parameters are not sensitive to assess human reproductive risks.
On the tripartite-harmonization of toxicity guideline, the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare organized a collaborative assessment team consisting of the National Institute of Health Science and 16 Japanese pharmaceutical companies to determine the optimal period and parameters for detection of male reproductive disorders in rats. In this paper, we describe the recent results of our testicular toxicity studies participating in the collaborative work.
( by Madoka SASAKI, Toru UTSUMI, Hashihiro HIGUCHI, Satoshi KAWAMURA, Yasuyoshi OKUNO, Akira KOHDA, Shunji HOSOKAWA, Masatoshi MATSUO, Terushige KATO )

Baktop MC for Termite Control

Baktop MC is the new microcapsule formulation containing 15 wt% of fenobucarb as an active ingredient. This was developed as the Sumitomo's second CS (Capsule Suspension) formulation for termite control to meet the needs of the market such as easy handling and safe application.
The present report describes the design of formulation, physico-chemical properties, stability, handling characteristics, efficacy, and environmental safety of Baktop MC.
( by Toshiro OHTSUBO, Izumi FUJIMOTO, Yasushi KAKUTA )

New Extrusion Coating Technology without any Anchor Coating Process

An anchor coating process using solvents is indispensably applied as an adhesive method in extrusion coating process for flexible packages. A solvent free adhesive method has been expected from the point of view of environmental preservation and productivity.
This technology, developed by Sumitomo Chemical Co.,Ltd., offers the new adhesive method without any anchor coating process.
We have discovered that high adhesion strength can be obtained by combining with two uint processes. One is the treating process for plastic substrates surface using the surface activating equipment (corona, electron beam etc.). Another is the treating process for an extruded molten polymer with ozone treating equipment.
In this paper, the mechanism for adhesion of the technology and application results are discussed.

Advancement of Production Technology by Utilizing Modeling Techniques

We have been preparing the computer network environment. We can get the necessary information on our desks by clicking the mouse and selecting the menu. So it is important how we hold valuable common informations. We can see the objective structure clearly and can grasp it quantitatively by the modeling of processes.
We show some modeling technologies and applications.
Steady-state process simulator has been used by design and production engineers. And recently the technology has been shifted from steady-state to dynamic simulation which can be used by operation engineers. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) offers the possibility of predicting the detailed flow and turbulence characteristics of reactors. Advanced process control can make up for a defect in PID-control and model predictive control is one of the typical technologies.
We show some applications such as the design of a distillation column control, the total plant operation optimization, the fluid analysis of a reactor, the improvement of a reactor control, the improvement of a film tenter equipment and its control.
( by Akira MORI )

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