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vol. 2007 - II (2007.11.30 issue)

Discovery and Development of a New Miticide "amidoflumet (Panduck®)" with High Lethal Activity against House Dust Mites

Amidoflumet is a new trifluoromethanesulfonanilide compound with high house dust miticidal activity which was discovered by Sumitomo Chemical, and was registered in Japan in 2004. House dust mites and their products are known to be major household allergens to children and the elderly, and they cause asthma and atopic dermatitis. Amidoflumet shows high lethal activity against common house dust mites. In particular amidoflumet has excellent activity against predatory cheyletid mites, which often cause biting injuries to humans. These efficacies and its excellent safety to mammals can provide us with an important tool for controlling various house dust mites. This paper describes the discovery story, miticidal efficacies in various formulations, a method of synthesis and safety evaluations of amidoflumet.
( 4-13 by Tatsuya MORI,Noritada MATSUO,Makoto HATAKOSHI,Yasuyori TANAKA,Keiko OSE )

Material Characterization of Polyolefins by Synchrotron X-ray and Neutron Scattering

Synchrotron X-ray and neutron scattering are very useful methods to investigate the hierarchical structure and structure-property relationship of polymeric materials at a microscopic level. Our company makes extensive use of quantum beams such as those from synchrotron and neutron sources in cooperation with advanced research facilities for deeply understanding the nature of polymeric materials. In this paper, we introduce state-of-art experimental techniques and industrial applications of advanced quantum beam sources to polyolefin materials as part of our research activities.
( 14-23 by Takashi SAKURAI,Yoshinobu NOZUE,Tatsuya KASAHARA,Noboru YAMAGUCHI )

Scale-up of Centrifugal Solid-Liquid Separation

Many manufacturing processes for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and their manufacturing intermediates consist of reaction, post-processing, crystallization, filtration and drying operations. Particularly during filtration operations, we sometimes have operational troubles which can cause product quality deterioration and a large decrease in productivity and work efficiency. Therefore, it is important to stabilize filtration operation during API manufacturing processes. In this paper, we would like to introduce several scale-up techniques from a small experimental scale to a commercial manufacturing scale by focusing mainly on operational condition setting of key parameters in centrifugal filtration processes.
( 24-30 by Kunitoshi TAKAHASHI,Susumu SHIOJIRI )

Design Method of Ball Mill by Discrete Element Method

The grinding rate of gibbsite in tumbling and rocking ball mills using fins was well correlated with the specific impact energy of the balls calculated from Discrete Element Method simulation. This relationship was successfully used for the scale-up of a rocking ball mill, and the optimum design and operating conditions for the rocking ball mill could be estimated by the specific impact energy of the balls calculated by a computer simulation.
( 31-38 by Makio KIMURA,Masayuki NARUMI,Tomonari KOBAYASHI )

Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited's Efforts towards Chemical Management and Risk Communication

The greatest feature of Sumitomo Chemical's chemical management system is comprehensiveness based on our broad knowledge and technical ability as a chemical manufacturer. Furthermore, in order to practice risk communication, we are proactively holding dialogue with, and releasing information to, our diverse range of stakeholders, keeping in mind our motto "It is a mission for enterprises to grow together with the local community". In February 2007 such efforts were finally acknowledged, when Sumitomo Chemical received the 2006 PRTR Grand Prize, the first time for a chemical company. Our company's approach to chemical management and risk communication will be outlined in this document.
( 39-51 by Tsuneo NARA )

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