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How to Make Use of Speak Up System

Upon receipt of Speak Up reporting, the Compliance Committee begins investigating into the reported incident of suspected compliance violation. To make the investigation most effective, the Compliance Committee must be provided as thorough information as possible from the reporting person. When you report under the Speak Up System, please fill in the form indicated below with required information provided for each specified item, and send it to an appropriate contact for the Speak Up hotline by means of mails, E-mails or FAX.

  • Special remarks about Speak Up reporting on matters relevant to conduct within European Union ( EU) countries
    Speak Up reporting on matters relevant to conduct within any member country of EU must comply relevant laws or regulations of EU or individual member coun-tries as appropriate. When you intend to report on such matters, please be sure to satisfy such mandatory requirements by seeking advice beforehand from an ex-pert versed in this field, such as a qualified lawyer, as to what can be reported to outside EU and how such reporting can be done, such as excluding personal data, e.g. individuals’ names, from your reporting.

Reporting Form

Contacts for Reporting

The Compliance Committee Hotline

General Desk

Individual Desks

Noncompliance with Antitrust Law, Unfair Competition Prevention Law, Commercial Code, or Criminal Code (Legal)

Contact with antisocial groups, donations, gifts/entertainment, or insider regulations (General Affairs)

Environmental protection, safety and disaster prevention, security trade controls, product safety (Responsible Care)

Inappropriate accounting procedures, etc.

Noncompliance with Labor Standards Law, Employee Work Regulations, or matters of personnel management and labor relations (Personnel)

The External Lawyer Hotline