Rules concerning Employees

Sumitomo Chemical requests every Employee and Board member to comply with the guidelines outlined below and has distributed to each of them a Compliance Manual that provides information on the guidelines outlined below, major relevant laws, regulations and company rules to observe.

Respect for human rights

You must respect the fundamental human rights of all persons. You must not perform acts that may harm the dignity of a person, such as unfair discrimination or harassment, for any of the following reasons: position in the Company; type of employment; age; gender; birthplace; ancestry; nationality; race; handicap; religion; beliefs; marital status, etc.

Privacy protection

You must not collect or use personal information concerning employees of our Company, customers, or employees of other companies having business relations with our Company, etc. outside the scope of business necessity for the Company. You must carefully store personal information so that such information will neither be disclosed to persons other than those who require the information for a legitimate business purpose nor be lost.

Health and safety at the workplace

Based on the basic principle of “Putting Safety First and Foremost,” you must ensure safety at the workplace, practice safe activities, and secure health and safety, not only for people at the workplace but also for all persons concerned, including employees of companies which provide services to our Company. At the same time, you must pay close attention to your minds and bodies so that you remain mentally and physically sound.

Compliance with labor-related laws

You must comply with the Labor Standards Law and other employment-related laws and regulations.