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Basic Rules to Comply With

Sumitomo Chemical requests every Employee and Board member to comply with the guidelines outlined below and has distributed to each of them a Compliance Manual that provides information on major relevant laws, regulations and company rules to observe.

Relations with Customers, Business Partners, and Competitors

Safety of products

You must secure the safety of customers and other users at large by reducing possible health hazards or environmental impacts, if any, caused by any of the chemical substances, such as raw materials, intermediates, or other materials our Company uses as well as final products the Company delivers.

Compliance with the antitrust laws and related laws

You must comply with the Antimonopoly Law, the Subcontracting Law, and foreign countries' competition laws. You must not conduct any transaction associated with private monopolization, improper trade restrictions or unfair trade practices.

Prohibition on unfair competition and illegitimate receipt of payment

You must neither illegally use the trade secrets of other companies nor carry out sales activities that may degrade the reputation of other companies. You must not use trade or business descriptions of others without obtaining approval, or manufacture and sell imitations of products made by others with the aim of letting consumers confuse our Company's products with those of other companies, and your sales activities must not make consumers misunderstand the quality or origin of the products.

Respecting the intellectual property rights of others

You must not infringe the intellectual property rights of others.

Prohibiting collusive ties with customers, business partners, etc. (banning inappropriate entertainment and gifts)

You must not forge collusive ties with customers, trading partners, etc. and you must conduct proper transactions.

Compliance with domestic and foreign bribery regulations

You must not conduct any act that may be considered bribery, or an act that could be suspected of being a bribe. You must neither entertain, nor provide gifts unjustly to, domestic or foreign public officials.