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Sumitomo Chemical Charter for Business Conduct

We believe it is our social responsibility to conduct business to the highest ethical standards and act on our own responsibility. The “Sumitomo Chemical Charter for Business Conduct” spells out the basic guiding principles on which our compliance system is built.

1. We will respect Sumitomo's business philosophy and act as highly esteemed good citizens. 2. We will observe laws and regulations, both at home and abroad, and will carry out activities in accordance with our corporate rules. 3. We will develop and supply useful and safe products and technologies that will contribute significantly to the progress of society. 4. We will engage in voluntary and active initiatives to achieve zero-accident and zero-injury operations and preserve the global environment. 5. We will conduct business transactions based on fair and free competition. 6. We will endeavor to make our workplaces sound and energetic. 7. Every one of us will strive to become a professional and achieve advanced skills and expertise in our field of responsibility. 8. We will actively communicate with our various stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, and local communities. 9. As a corporate member of an international society, we will respect the culture and customs of every region of the world and contribute to the development of those regions. 10. We will strive for the continued development of our Company through business activities conducted in accordance with the guiding principles described herein.