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The Sumitomo Chemical Group's Aims

Established based on two missions which are to solve the problem of pollution by smoke from copper smelting and to manufacture fertilizer by using the emission from copper smelting, the Group has continued to develop for over 100 years while honoring the Sumitomo Spirit, which says that the our business must benefit society as a whole, not just its own interests.

Basic CSR Policy

By continuously creating and providing new value for our stakeholders, the Sumitomo Chemical Group will build the corporate worth, contribute to solving the problems facing society and our environment while enriching people's lives.

In order to accomplish this, the Sumitomo Chemical Group will proactively work for profitable business operations, preservation of the environment, safety, product quality and social activities. We will pursue and promote our CSR activities with consideration for the interests of all our stakeholders, including our stockholders, employees, business partners, and the local residents of all regions in which we conduct business. Through our endeavors in these areas, we hope to play a significant role in helping to build a sustainable society, while continuing to grow our business in order to achieve our goal of becoming a truly global chemical company in the 21st century.

The spirit of the SDGs aligns well with posture of the Group in that by contributing to the sustainable development of society through business activities, we are ensuring our own sustained growth. We will continue to ensure the sustainability and resilience of the Group by deepening Groupwide understanding of the SDGs, pursuing the SDGs through our core business, and playing a bigger role in the sustainable development of society.