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Sumitomo Chemical's Initiatives to Counter Malaria As a diversified chemical manufacturer, Sumitomo Chemical brought together polyethylene and insecticide technologies. That is Olyset™ Net.

Factory Window Screen Helps in Effort to Eradicate Malaria

Olyset™ Net

An insecticide called pyrethroid is incorporated into polyethylene fibers, and controlled release technology gradually brings the insecticide to the surface of the fibers. This was technology that originally was used in factory window screens to repel insects, but Sumitomo Chemical thought it may be useful for people suffering from malaria. As a result of sustained R&D efforts, the Olyset™ Net insecticide-treated mosquito net was developed. Olyset™ Net is the first net endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2001 as a long-lasting insecticidal net. Through the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and other international organizations, the net is now supplied to over 80 countries.

Sumitomo Chemical is also cooperating with Roll Back Malaria Partnership led by WHO.

Features of the Olyset™ Net

Feature 1

In contrast to previous polyester mosquito nets, Olyset™ Net is made from polyethylene, with thicker, more durable fibers.

Pellets used to make the fibers of the net.

Feature 2

Olyset™ Net retains insecticidal efficacy for minimum 3 years even with repeated washings because the insecticide migrates to the surface of the fibers gradually through controlled release technology.

Enlarged Cross Section Diagram of the Net Fiber

Feature 3

Olyset™ Net is designed with wide-mesh netting that offers better air circulation when used in the hot climate of Africa.

Feature 4

Olyset™ Net is an economical means of protecting people from the mosquitoes that transmit malaria.

Use of Olyset™ Net

In homes in Tanzania, the nets are hung in entrance ways and windows to prevent mosquitoes from getting inside.