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Social Contribution Activities

Local Production of Olyset™ Net The manufacturing technology was provided free of charge to a Tanzanian manufacturer to create employment and contribute to local economic development.

Project Mission

The Olyset™ Net Production Facility in Tanzania

Deliver an environment where people can live, protected from mosquitoes that transmit malaria.

Seek to contribute to the development of the local economy by creating local employment opportunities.

To accomplish these objectives, Sumitomo Chemical decided to provide its Olyset™ Net manufacturing technology free of charge to a Tanzanian manufacturer, beginning local production of the nets in Africa.

Creating Job Opportunities for up to 7,000 People

The Olyset™ Net Production Floor

Our partner in Tanzania is A to Z Textile Mills Limited. Production began in September 2003.
To keep up with growing demand, a joint venture, Vector Health International Limited, was established with an affiliate of A to Z Textile Mills, and production there began in February 2007. Today the annual production capacity in Tanzania is 30 million nets.

Processing Insecticide-Treated Pellets

In addition, Olyset™ Net production in Tanzania alone is creating employment opportunities for up to approximately 7,000 people.