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Sumika Sustainable Solutions

Mankind faces serious issues such as climate change and the food problem. The world places expectations on companies that take on the challenge of resolving these issues.

With the serious problems facing us now, the Sumitomo Chemical Group reaffirms its corporate mission of contributing to society through its business activities. We identify certain kinds of our products and technologies as “Sumika Sustainable Solutions(SSS)” that offer technology-based new value in solving the problems to help build a sustainable society. We promote the development and use of these products and technologies.

SSS Designation Process

The Designation Committee officially designates products and technologies as SSS that satisfy certification requirements such as innovation and contribution to environmental protection, after they have been recommended by laboratories, Works, or Group Companies.
Moreover, when discussing requirements for designation, the Committee seeks advice from third-party institutions.

The Award Ceremony

Designation Certificate

Certification Requirements

Area Required conditions Contribution to the SDGs
Climate change efforts Contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions 7. Affordable and Clean Energy13. Climate Action
Products, parts and materials used for development of new energy sources 7. Affordable and Clean Energy13. Climate Action
Use of biomass-derived materials 12. Responsible Consumption and Production13. Climate Action
Contribution to adapting to climate change impacts
  • Contribution for Vector control
  • Contribution to building a resilient city
13. Climate Action
Reducing environmental burdens Contribution to reducing wastes, harzardous substances, and other environmental burdens 12. Responsible Consumption and Production
Contribution to reducing environmental burdens for increasing food production 2. Zero Hunger 12. Responsible Consumption and Production
Effective use of resources Contribution to resource savings and promotion of recycling 12. Responsible Consumption and Production
Contribution to effective use of water resources 6. Clean Water and Sanitation
Others Other contributions to building a sustainable society (depending on the item)

Depending on the features of products and technologies, identification requirements may not fully correspond with contribution to the SDGs.

Designation Results

Sales of currently designated 34 products and technologies were 293.4 billion yen in fiscal 2016, contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 53 million tons (CO2 equivalent, predicted total by fiscal 2020) over the lifecycle of the products.

Sumitomo Chemical aims to double its sales of the Sumika Sustainable Solutions items as early as possible, thereby creating and offering a broad range of solutions that will contribute to a sustainable society by capitalizing on the great variety of technologies the Company has cultivated in the past as a chemical company operating in widely diverse industrial fields.

  • *1The figure is an estimate of reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that will be achieved by the Sumika Sustainable Solutions products throughout their life cycle, if it is assumed that the products are sold in fiscal 2020. The estimate has been made in accordance with the guidelines of the Japan Chemical Industry Association and the International Council of Chemical Associations.

Sales of Designated Products and Technologies

Sales of Designated Products and Technologies by Sector(FY2016)

The Designation Committee

The Sumika Sustainable Solutions Designation Committee is established under the Responsible Care Committee.