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Corporate Policy on Safety, the Environment and Product Quality

Sumitomo Chemical has set forth safety, the environment, and product quality as top priorities for all phases of its business activities in its Corporate Policy on Safety, the Environment and Product Quality. This policy has been communicated to all employees of Sumitomo Chemical and its Group companies to ensure that each and every employee is fully aware of it.

Corporate Policy on Safety, the Environment and Product Quality

Revised: November 1, 2005
(Established April 1, 1994)

In conformity with Sumitomo's Business Principles, our Company fulfills its responsibility to develop, manufacture and supply a variety of products that satisfy the fundamental necessities of human life and contribute to the growth of society. Under the concept of “Making Safety the First Priority,” which is fundamental to all the Company's operations, Sumitomo Chemical has based management of its activities on the principles of (i) maintaining zero-accident and zero-injury operations, (ii) ensuring customer satisfaction, and (iii) promoting mutual prosperity with society.
Paying due respect to these principles, our Company is determined to conduct all activities, including production, R&D, marketing & sales and logistics, in accordance with the following policy related to safety, the environment and product quality.

  1. Maintain zero-accident and zero-injury operations and the safety of neighboring communities and our employees.
  2. Ascertain the safety of raw materials, intermediates and products, and prevent our employees, distributors, customers and consumers from being exposed to any possible hazard.
  3. Supply high-quality products and services that satisfy customers' needs and ensure safety in their use.
  4. Assess and reduce our environmental impact at all operational stages, from product development to disposal, and undertake all practical environmental protection measures.

All sections and employees of our Company shall be made fully aware of the significance of this policy, and shall constantly strive to improve operational performance, while at the same time abiding by all relevant laws, regulations and standards.

Masakazu Tokura
Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited