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Measures to Address the Asbestos Problem

Surveying Buildings Constructed Using Materials Containing Asbestos

Sumitomo Chemical surveyed all its buildings to determine whether they had been constructed with materials containing asbestos. Subsequently, asbestos was removed, enclosed or surrounded, in accordance with the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's Regulations for the Prevention of Asbestos-related Disease. All such work was completed by December, 2005.

Maintaining the Health of Former Employees of Sumitomo Chemical

If former employees of Sumitomo Chemical who have handled materials containing asbestos while working at Sumitomo Chemical so request, we will arrange for them to have a physical examination and will discuss their concerns with them, regardless of the extent to which they have handled the materials in question. The table below shows the number of persons who have made use of this program (as of October 31, 2014).

Persons who have received physical examinations 1,593
Persons deemed eligible for workers' compensation benefits under the Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance Act* 29
Persons issued a Health Check Note 71
Persons who have been deemed eligible for special bereaved family compensation under the Act on Asbestos Health Damage Relief 5

*Excluding those considered cured.

Information on these physical examinations is also provided on the Sumitomo Chemical website (in Japanese only).
URL : http://www.sumitomo-chem.co.jp/pdf/20060112_1.pdf