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Work-Life Balance

With the progressive aging of our society and decreasing birthrate along with women's increasing participation in society, it is becoming ever more necessary for companies to help employees improve their work-life balance. In addition to making improvements to a variety of assistance programs for this purpose, including the childcare leave program, Sumitomo Chemical is providing more support for employees by introducing childcare and nursing care services and establishing childcare facilities at its worksites.

Childcare facilities at the Osaka Works

Sumitomo Chemical obtained the Kurumin mark, a symbol of a company supporting childcare, from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, in 2008, 2012 and 2015. The three stars in the mark indicate the number of times we received this mark.

Systems and measures for better work-life balance

  System/Measure Description
Support for childcare and nursing care Childcare leave (unpaid) Available until the end of April after the child reaches age three (paid for the first seven consecutive days, up to four times)
Nursing care leave (unpaid) Available when nursing family members (up to 365 days in total)
Maternity leave (paid) Available when the applicant undergoes an antenatal examination under the Maternal and Child Health Law or cannot work because of sickness related to pregnancy (up to 20 days in total)
Paternity leave (paid) Available when a spouse gives birth to a child (up to five consecutive days)
Nursing care leave (paid) Available when taking care of sick children or nursing family members (up to 20 days per event)
Reduced working hour system Working hours are reduced by up to three hours per day for employees with children in the third grade at elementary school or younger and for employees nursing family members
Reemployment system Employees who left the Company because of childbirth, childcare, nursing care, or job transfer of spouse are given the opportunity for reemployment
Establishment of in-house childcare facilities Established on the premises of the Tokyo head office, Ehime Works, Chiba Works, Osaka Works, Oita Works and Health & Crop Sciences Research Laboratory
Childcare and nursing care support services Employees can utilize childcare and nursing care support services provided by welfare service companies with which the Company has formed partnerships
Leave and working hours Volunteer leave (paid) Available when employees conduct volunteer activities (up to two consecutive days per year)
Introduction of a "work-life balance days" Employees are encouraged to leave work on time on "work-life balance days" designated by each individual workplace and worksite at least once a week
Systematic allocation of annual paid holidays Annual paid holidays are allocated systematically by each worksite
Special leave (unpaid) Available for employees who accompany their spouses assigned to work overseas (up to three years)