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To promote diversity, Sumitomo Chemical considers it essential to provide all employees with motivating workplaces where they can fully demonstrate their skills and abilities in a variety of situations. As a part of that effort, the Company is focusing on the active advancement of women and promoting priority measures aimed at creating an environment in which as many women as possible can excel.

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Initiatives to Promote Diversity (Sumitomo Chemical)

Promoting the Active Advancement of Women

Sumitomo Chemical implements programs to actively promote the advancement of women as part of its Mentor System. This involves female managers regularly meeting with executives with whom they have no working relationship to discuss career planning. In 2016, this program was held for five female manager–executive pairs. We believe that meeting with superiors who are highly knowledgeable and possess wideranging operational experience helps to cultivate a broader perspective as well as an interest in taking on new challenges.
In addition, we conduct the Women Leadership Development Academy for female managers. The purpose of this program is to provide necessary hints about management and to instill the required sense of commitment; instruction on how to develop a career-oriented mindset; and to impart essential leadership skills, including ways to move tasks forward and appropriate methods for communicating with staff.
In fiscal 2016, 23 employees underwent a total of four full-day training sessions. The final session provides an opportunity to deepen mutual understanding by having participants and their supervisor work together to create career visions.
Furthermore, the Company has established the targets below based on the Act of Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.

Promotions of Executives and Employees (As of April, 2016; Sumitomo Chemical)