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Financial Highlights

By Segment & Region

  • *As of April 1, 2015, Sumitomo Chemical eliminates the Basic Chemicals Sector and the businesses in this sector are split up and transferred to the Petrochemicals & Plastics Sector and the Energy & Functional Materials Sector which is established as a new business sector.
  • *Beginning FY2017, the Sumitomo Chemical Group is adopting international financial reporting standards (IFRS) in place of Japanese GAAP, which it previously used, and is therefore restating figures for the previous consolidated fiscal year using IFRS for comparative analysis.

Sales Revenue by Sector

FY 2016 Sales: ¥1,954.3 billion;  Sales by Sector (Petrochemicals & Plastics: 29%  Energy & Functional Materials: 11%  IT-related Chemicals: 18%  Health & Crop Sciences: 16%  Pharmaceuticals: 23%  Others: 2%)

Core Operating Income by Sector

FY 2016 Operating Income: ¥134.3 billion; Operating Income by Sector (Petrochemicals & Plastics: 20%; Energy & Functional Materials: 5%; IT-relaterd Chemicals: 8%;  Health & Crop Sciences: 34%; Pharmaceuticals: 41%; Others: -8%)

Sales Revenue by Area

FY 2016 Sales: ¥1,954.3 billion; Sales by Area (Japan: 39.3%; Asia: 38.0%; North America: 15.8%; Europe: 3.5% Middle East Africa:1.8% Central and South America:1.1% Oceania and others: 0.5%)