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Main Products

The products developed by Sumitomo Chemical Group using its technologies support industrial activities as well as people's daily lives. We will introduce Group products spanning a range of fields, categorized by use.

Sumitomo Chemical Group Products for Use in Society
Housing and Construction Materials, Medical Care Devices and Pharmaceuticals, and Clothing

  1. (1) Sumikaclean ED (methacrylate resin) used in the manufacture of translucent sound insulating boards for expressways
  2. (2) Diagnostic pharmaceuticals effective for the early diagnosis of cardiac disorders and vascular brain disorders
  3. (3) Excelene EPX (soft polyolefin) used in the manufacture of medical infusion bags
  4. (4) Pharmaceuticals such as antihypertensive, antibacterial, antiallergic, and antiulcerative drugs
  5. (5) Caprolactam used as material for nylon 6 used in the manufacture of stockings
  6. (6) Sumipex (methacrylate resin) used for the manufacture of signboards and lighting fixtures
  7. (7) Sumifix (reactive dye) for cellulose fibers and Sumikaron (disperse dye) for polyester fibers