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Main Products

The products developed by Sumitomo Chemical Group using its technologies support industrial activities as well as people's daily lives. We will introduce Group products spanning a range of fields, categorized by use.

Sumitomo Chemical Group Products for Agriculture/Livestock Farming Use
Agricultural and Livestock Products

  1. (1) Cleantate (special polyolefin film for agriculture) used in greenhouses
  2. (2) Lano Tape used for the control of whiteflies in greenhouses
  3. (3) DL-methionine and methionine hydroxy analog used as a feed additive for chicken farming
  4. (4) Takeoff powdery agent (herbicide for paddy rice) and Sumishort (fertilizer for paddy rice containing anti-lodging agent)
  5. (5) Sumiseven P liquid agent (plant growth regulator) for paddy rice, cabbage, and flowering plants such as azaleas and alpine roses
  6. (6) Sumithion (insecticide), has received high praise for its safety and stable effectiveness
  7. (7) Hakusap and Vegiphon (insecticides in which the ingredients of Sumicidin, synthetic pyrethroid insecticide sold overseas is mixed with a variety of organic phosphorous insecticides)
  8. (8) Sumikaace (environmentally friendly, slow acting fertilizer containing a nitrification inhibitor) and Super SR Coat (coated fertilizer optimally blended by region and by crop, which allows the frequency of fertilizing to be substantially reduced)
  9. (9) Sumilex (fungicide) to control diseases in apples, oranges, and vegetables
  10. (10) Oristar A (biological insecticide) using natural enemy insects