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Main Products

The products developed by Sumitomo Chemical Group using its technologies support industrial activities as well as people's daily lives. We will introduce Group products spanning a range of fields, categorized by use.

Sumitomo Chemical Group Products for Household Use
Daily Necessities, Home Electrical Appliances, and Food Packaging and Containers

  1. (1) Acrylonitrile used as material for acrylic fibers for blankets
  2. (2) Aluminum hydroxide used in the manufacture of artificial marble for bathrooms
  3. (3) Polypropylene used in the manufacture of washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and rice cookers
  4. (4) Aniline and propylene oxide used as materials for polyurethane (as heat insulators for refrigerators)
  5. (5) ABS resin with excellent impact strength used in the manufacture of refrigerator bodies
  6. (6) Sumikaexcel (polyether sulfone) , super engineering plastic, heat resistant up to 200 degrees Celsius used for heat-resistant coatings on kitchen stove surfaces
  7. (7) Polyethylene used as material for bottles for condiments such as mayonnaise and for film wrap
  8. (8) Sumilizer GS (polymer additive) used in the manufacture of shrink films for PET bottle labeling
  9. (9) Pyrethroid used as an active ingredient in mosquito coils and household insecticides such as aerosols and in insect repellents for clothes
  10. (10) Sumikalan (polarizing film) used in the manufacture of LCDs for TVs and mobile phones
  11. (11) Polypropylene and polyethylene used for cookie bags
  12. (12) Light, strong aluminum used for beverage cans
  13. (13) High-purity alumina used as a material for scratchproof sapphire glass for watches