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Main Products

The products developed by Sumitomo Chemical Group using its technologies support industrial activities as well as people's daily lives. We will introduce Group products spanning a range of fields, categorized by use.

Sumitomo Chemical Group Products for Leisure Use
Automotive Parts, Sports Equipment, and Leisure Goods

  1. (1) Sumipex (methacrylate resin) used in the manufacture of large Ferris wheels and aquariums
  2. (2) Caprolactam used as the material for nylon fibers for swimwear and sportswear
  3. (3) Polypropylene used in the manufacture of bumpers, instrument panels, engine compartments, and console boxes
  4. (4) Sumipex (methacrylate resin) used in the manufacture of automobile tail and turn signal lights
  5. (5) Synthetic rubber used in the manufacture of tires, radiator hoses, brake hoses, and various sealing materials
  6. (6) Resorcinol used as rubber adhesive for tires
  7. (7) Highly insulating alumina used in the manufacture of automotive spark plugs
  8. (8) Highly heat-resistant Sumikasuper LCP (liquid crystal polymer) for car navigation systems
  9. (9) Espolex (thermo plastic elastomer), which is highly resistant to heat and cold and can be easily processed, used in the manufacture of interior surface covers, airbag covers, and door trim for automobiles
  10. (10) Polyol, derivative of propylene oxide, used as material for polyurethane (used as cushioning material for automobile seats)