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Main Products

The products developed by Sumitomo Chemical Group using its technologies support industrial activities as well as people's daily lives. We will introduce Group products spanning a range of fields, categorized by use.

Sumitomo Chemical Group Products for Office and Factory Use
OA Devices, Office Supplies, and Transport Materials

  1. (1) Sunply (light and weather-resistant plastic cardboard) and Sumipanel (thick and hollow structure plate)
  2. (2) Aluminum sulfate anhydrous and polyaluminum chloride (inorganic water treatment agents) for the purification for water supplies and sewage systems and for wastewater
  3. (3) Visible light titanium-oxide photocatalyst, which is usable indoors and effective for the deodorization and sterilization of window shades and curtains
  4. (4) Sumipex W (methacrylate resin) used in the manufacture of imitation frosted glass partitions that are lighter and safer than real glass partitions
  5. (5) Sumikalan (polarizing film) for liquid crystal displays
  6. (6) Highly heat-resistant Sumikabond (double-sided adhesive tape) used in a wide range of applications, both for electronics parts and architectural interiors
  7. (7) Cutace, Cutclean, and Cutcross (adhesive tapes) that can be easily cut off by hand without using scissors or a cutter
  8. (8) Sumibox-Patacon (container made of foldable resin)
  9. (9) Low-soda alumina for liquid crystal glass for LCDs for TVs and PCs
  10. (10) Alumina powder for IC boards
  11. (11) High-purity aluminum for computer memory disks
  12. (12) Sumipex (methacrylate resin) used as a material for transparent bodies of mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens, and rulers
  13. (13) Sumirez Resin, printability improvement agent used for inkjet and recycled paper sheets