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Next-generation luminaire with Polymer OLED Lighting adopted by Ampoule AEON LakeTown.

"Gassho Light", "Frame Light", "Halful Light", "Light Column" and "Gassho Pendant", which are next generation luminaire with Sumitomo Chemical's Polymer OLED (PLED) Lighting Panels, are adopted as exhibits in Ampoule AEON LakeTown, the shop under direct management of luminaire manufacturer KISHIMA.INC.

These luminaire are trial products produced by "RE-EL Project", which fully utilize the performance of affiliated companies to create novel-designer products which are truly unique, evolving around the next-generation "OLED Lighting" technology.

  • Exhibition in Ampoule AEON LakeTown

Polymer OLED Lighting installation adopted by Yomiuriland.

"JEWELRY JARDIN", which is an installation with Sumitomo Chemical's Polymer OLED (PLED) Lighting Panels, is adopted as decorative lighting for the restaurant "Goodday" in Yomiuriland which is Tokyo's largest amusement park.

"JEWELRY JARDIN" is a chandelier designed by world-renowned Japanese lighting designer, MOTOKO ISHII, who is well known as the lighting designer for the Tokyo Tower. "JEWELRY JARDIN" symbolizes a "Garden in the Sky" as formed from PLED lighting panels, which are developed by Sumitomo Chemical, creating an approachable space of a vast expanse with a taste of Japanese grace added.

  • "JEWELRY JARDIN" Designed by Motoko Ishii

  • Newly designed PLED Lighting Panels for "JEWELRY JARDIN"

Sumitomo Chemical's PLED Lighting Panels enable various graphic expression with a wide range of emission colors (natural, vivid, pale, etc) and dual-color emission in one panel. Our PLED Lighting Panels will create new value for society as a next-generation decorative light source.



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