OLED Lighting

Thin film emission achieved by organic electroluminescence enables flat, surface-emitted, lightweight, and flexible “next-generation lighting”.


OLED lightning has great potential as a lightweight and large-area diffused light source. The global market of OLED lighting is thriving and its application in generic lighting is also moving forward. We have been developing materials and manufacturing technology for low cost and high efficiency for large-area OLEDs.

  • Roll-to-roll mass production

  • Light emitting area (143mm×36mm)

Features of Sumitomo’s OLED Lighting

Our glass substrate OLED lighting panels are being sold in Japan and Europe. They have many color variations and dual color emissions can be applied. Since the emission layer is formed by inkjet printing, the luminescent color and light pattern can be produced on demand. We have various sizes of lighting panels (ex. 109 x 109 mm) so please contact us for more information.
OLED lighting is a soft diffusing light source, does not emit glare, and is UV-free. Some uses for application include interior lighting for rooms or cars, signage at restaurants, lighting for delicate exhibits in art museums, among other uses.

  • OLED Light panels (Sumitomo Chemical)

We are also developing light-emitting materials focusing on improving efficiency, lifetime, power consumption and color rendering properties to achieve flexible OLED lighting. We developed a low-cost device structure using plastic substrate and non-ITO cathodes, a scalable roll-to-roll process technology to apply and dry inline, inkjet printing, and slot die printing technology as a printing method. We are also studying high efficiency technology by improving light extraction.

Materials development on glass

@1000cd/m2 Efficiency
Glass Substrate Element 31 17 3.9 80 3000 11000


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