• Technology Features

Technology Features

What is Printed Electronics?

Printed Electronics is a manufacturing technology of printing or coating organic semiconductor materials on plastic substrates without using high temperatures or high vacuum processes

5 features of printed electronics

  • large-area
  • light-weight
  • thin
  • Integrated functions
  • flexible

Unprecedented products can be developed by taking advantage of these features.
Significant cost down by Roll-to-Roll manufacturing is expected.

printed electronics of Sumitomo Chemical

Sumitomo Chemical is promoting the development of printed electronics
as an important R&D theme for next-generation business.

History of printed electronics of Sumitomo Chemical

The development of printed electronics in Sumitomo Chemical originates with the development of conductive polymers which started in 1981. Although semiconducting polymers were known before then, they suffered from insolubility rendering them incompatible with solution processing and printing. Depositing polymer films on plastic substrates only became possible by improving the solubility and film-forming processes.
This improvement enabled the development of applications for conducting and semiconducting polymers, starting with polymer OLED at the end of 1980's. Development of organic transistors and organic pholotvoltaics followed and extended the available range of printed electronics applications.

Advantages of Sumitomo Chemical "conjugated molecules"

Printed Electronics of Sumitomo Chemical features conjugated solution processable molecules as a key technology. This technology includes materials design & synthesis, device fabrication & process evaluation,
material and device analysis. Ongoing feedback between materials development and device process and performance is also a key strength of the Sumitomo Chemicals Printed Electronics offering.

Advantages of conjugated molecules

The advantages of conjugated molecules over traditional small-molecule materials are listed below:

Advantage 01

Multifunctional properties enabling simple device design.

Advantage 02

Viscosity of inks can be easily controlled, suitable for printing and coating processes.

Advantage 03

High thermal stability enabling high temperature device operation.

Sumitomo Chemical has accumulated a wide range of technologies from across the globe. These technologies have been integrated with pre-existing technologies to realise the development of high-performance polymer materials addressing key Printed Electronics applications and markets.

What Sumitomo Chemical provides

  • Materials & devices are developed at CDT and at the Advanced Material Research Laboratory
  • Barrier films are developed at the IT-related Chemicals Research Laboratory in Tsukuba
  • Material manufacturing processes are developed at the Advanced Material Research Laboratory in Osaka & Osaka works
  • Device fabrication processes are developed at the Electronics Devices Development Center


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