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Pursuit Creative Hybrid Chemistry

Sumitomo Chemical has been developing six core technologies by utilizing its technologies accumulated through a broad range of research activities over many years. The six core technologies are catalyst design, high-precision processing, design of functional organic chemicals and polymers, design of functional inorganic materials, device design, and analysis of bio-mechanisms. Sumitomo Chemical's Creative Hybrid Chemistry forms the basis of its R&D strategy. Creative Hybrid Chemistry means enhancing our base technologies while broadening and deepening our six core technologies, and combining these disparate technologies from both inside and outside the company to create higher value-added products and technologies.

Moreover, in addition to developing new materials, we are also emphasizing linkages with the business of materials solutions, which encompasses the development of downstream businesses and businesses of different industries. In order to quickly and efficiently apply the fruits of our R&D efforts toward the development of high value-added businesses, we will aggressively pursue technological collaborations with academic institutions and companies from other industries around the world.