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Genomic Science Laboratory

Mass spectrometry-based proteomics

Our Genomic Science Laboratory was established in October 2000 together with Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals (now Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma). In order to accelerate R&D for innovative new medicines, our Genomic Science Laboratory is working on the establishment and practical application of base technologies including bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics analysis technologies, protein structural analysis, and in silico drug discovery technologies.
Utilizing these cutting edge technologies, this Laboratory aims to engage in advanced, clear-cut R&D to analyze and characterize the mechanisms of action of new drugs, and search for biomarkers able to predict the medical efficacy or side-effects of drugs in clinical trials.

Major Research Areas


This is an inter-disciplinary technology drawing on both information science and life science. Information on base sequences of genes and information on the structure of proteins are computer-processed for the purpose of genomic drug discovery.


Our laboratory researches mechanisms of disease development, diagnostic methods, clarification of the action of new drugs, and forecasting of safety features based on comprehensive expression and function information for tens of thousands of genes.


Proteomics is the analysis of gene functions and the mechanism of drug action through the comprehensive and systematic study of protein functions in vivo, as well as the interaction between proteins or between proteins and molecules of a drug.


Metabolomics is used in determining the efficacy of new drugs and prediction of toxicity by comprehensively analyzing in vivo variations in the various amino acids, lipids, sugars and other low-molecular compounds deriving from metabolic reactions.

In silico drug discovery

Conducting docking simulations for compounds and target proteins to predict interactions as well as using computers to predict drug efficacy, toxicity, pharmacokinetics and other parameters enables the discovery of compounds with outstanding qualities as pharmaceuticals.