Protecting the Aquatic Environment

In addition to our initiatives aimed at reducing overall water use, we have realized thorough purification of polluted water from manufacturing plants and other facilities by operating stable and sophisticated water treatment facilities.

  1. Responding to Increasing Sophistication of Activated Sludge Treatment

    At all Works, we are striving to develop management technologies for water treatment that will further reduce our environmental impact and apply these technologies to realize safe and secure wastewater treatment.
    At some Works, for process wastewater that is difficult to break down we use an activated sludge treatment involving microbial immobilization to stabilize the process water and reduce treatment costs. We are still considering applying this treatment to a wider scope of water.

  2. Responding to Water Quality Standards
    By strengthening our voluntary management, we are meeting reduction goals for continual emissions of COD, nitrogen, and phosphorus emitted into the ocean and waterways from drains, including public water resources. In addition, we have realized stable water treatment by enhancing the management technologies used in water treatment facilities. We are continually working to reduce the impact of water emissions from our plants on Tokyo Bay and other closed coastal waters where regulations are in place for reducing the total water emissions of COD, nitrogen, and phosphorus.
  3. Promoting the Effective Use of Water
    We uncover various issues related to the use of fresh water on the worksite level and assess and manage the associated risks. In addition, we strive to reduce the amount of water we use by examining more effective ways to use water by application, while continuing to maintain and improve the quality of water released from our business sites into public water resources such as the ocean and waterways.

Water Usage (Sumitomo Chemical Group)

(Million tons)
Sumitomo Chemical ★ 243 253 249
Sumitomo Chemical Group 982 1,024 944
 Sumitomo Chemical and Group companies in Japan ★ 975 1,017 937
 Overseas Group companies 7.09 7.19 7.34

Note: Water usage volume includes seawater