Biodiversity Preservation Initiatives

Taking biodiversity into consideration is one of Sumitomo Chemical’s most important pillars as it strives toward building a sustainable society. Since formulating Sumitomo Chemical’s Commitment to the Conservation of Biodiversity, we have actively participated in a private-sector biodiversity partnership and promoted initiatives while giving considerable thought to what we should be mindful of as a chemical company.

Sumitomo Chemical’s Commitment to the Conservation of Biodiversity

  1. We position the conservation of biodiversity as one of our most important management issues and strive to help protect the global environment.
  2. We work to continuously reduce environmental impact in our production operations and our development and supply of products and services and in cooperation with third parties in the supply chain and thereby contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.
  3. By regularly implementing education programs, we ensure that employees fully recognize and understand the importance of biodiversity and promote our commitment to its conservation.
  4. We continuously engage in corporate social responsibility activities that contribute to environmental protection and lead to greater trust and confidence from society.
  5. We disclose the results of these efforts and maintain effective communication with the general public.

(Formulated December 2011)

Examples of Initiatives

  1. Promoting “Sumika Sustainable Solutions”
  2. Improving energy efficiency, recycling resources, promoting the 3Rs, encouraging CSR procurement
  3. Undertaking environmental impact assessments at the planning stage for new plant construction and implementing countermeasures
  4. Implementing environmental protection projects jointly with NGOs
  5. Complying with internal safety management regulations pertaining to the use of genetically modified organisms
  6. Undertaking proper management of chemical substances