Biodiversity Preservation Initiatives

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Working to preserve biodiversity is one of Sumitomo Chemical’s most important pillars as it strives toward building a sustainable society. Since formulating Sumitomo Chemical’s Commitment to the Conservation of Biodiversity, Sumitomo Chemical has been actively participating in a private-sector biodiversity partnership and promoting initiatives through business while giving considerable thought to what we should be mindful of as a chemical company.

Sumitomo Chemical’s Commitment to the Conservation of Biodiversity

  1. We position the conservation of biodiversity as one of our most important management issues and strive to help protect the global environment.
  2. We work to continuously reduce environmental impact in our production operations and our development and supply of products and services and in cooperation with third parties in the supply chain and thereby contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.
  3. By regularly implementing education programs, we ensure that employees fully recognize and understand the importance of biodiversity and promote our commitment to its conservation.
  4. We continuously engage in corporate social responsibility activities that contribute to environmental protection and lead to greater trust and confidence from society.
  5. We disclose the results of these efforts and maintain effective communication with the general public.

Misawa Works Initiatives

River Benthic Organism Surveys Done when Conducting Water Area Surveys

With the purpose of confirming the impact of business activities on water areas, we conduct aquatic wildlife surveys of the Sabishiro River, into which process water from the Works flows. As a result, we confirmed a vulnerable species of Stenothyra in the Sabishiro River. In addition, we discovered 10 species of precious aquatic benthic organisms, such as the endangered species Cottus reinii. By being able to confirm organisms through this survey, we determined that we were maintaining ecosystems with extremely good water quality. Going forward, we will continue to regularly conduct surveys of water areas and confirm that we are conserving the environment.

  • Stenothyra

  • Cottus reinii

  • Dugesia japonica

  • A subspecies of Tubifex tubifex

  • American Dugesia japonica

  • Eogammarus kygi

  • Asellota

  • Gnorimosphaeroma

Wastewater Detoxification Initiatives

Wastewater from the Misawa Works goes through general activated sludge treatment, then, after finishing tertiary treatment of activated carbon absorption and the removal of floating substances through coagulation and sedimentation, analysis equipment does quality checks and the water is released into public waterways. In addition, we monitor the fish in the outflow.

  • Activated sludge treatment facility

  • Fish monitor

Sabishiro Cleanup Volunteering

As part of our measures to reduce plastic waste in the ocean, we engage in garbage collection activities along the Sabishiro shoreline. From 2020 onward, we will work to incorporate these activities into our management programs based on ISO 14001. Since fiscal 2020, we have been certified as an Aomori Prefecture Hometown Aquatic Supporter.

  • Aquatic Supporter Certificate

  • A Sabishiro shoreline cleanup volunteer

Sumitomo Chemical’s Greening Activities

Initiatives at Works in Japan

At the Gifu Plant, so as not to infringe upon the scenery of the surrounding areas, we are promoting the greening and beautification of the plant’s premises and borders. At the Oita Works, as part of greening efforts, we planted Asiatic jasmine along about 250 meters of the wall north of the front gate.

  • The area surrounding the Gifu Plant’s fish pond

  • Oita Works’green belt

Afforestation Volunteer Activities in Thailand

From 2008 to 2019, we planted a total of 828,000 saplings in the Sumitomo Chemical Forest, a mangrove afforestation project in southern Thailand. In addition, a running total of 179 employees participated in the project and interacted with the area’s residents, for example, by visiting local elementary schools.

  • Afforestation efforts underway

  • Group photo of the volunteers