Resource Saving and Waste Reduction

We are systematically working to reduce the amount of exhaustible raw materials used, quickly and properly dispose of PCB waste, and reduce the amount of industrial waste sent to landfills.

  1. Promoting Resource Saving
    We are striving to enhance the economic benefits gained from resource saving activities, such as improving the throughput yield of exhaustible raw materials and product yield.

     Exhaustible Raw Material Use (Sumitomo Chemical and Group Companies in Japan)

    (Thousand tons)
    Sumitomo Chemical and Group Companies in Japan

    Sumitomo Chemical

    Sumitomo Chemical and Group Companies in JapanSumitomo ChemicalSumitomo Chemical and Group Companies in JapanSumitomo Chemical
    Hydrocarbon compounds 1,835 1,593 1,676 1,383 1,829 1,545
    Metals (excluding minor metals) 120 115 121 117 109 105
    Minor metals 10.17 0.02 13.54 0.07 11.20 0.02

    Note: Economic effects are detailed in the supplementary data (page 125)

  2. Thoroughly Managing Waste and Promoting Increased Recycling Internally and Externally
    We have achieved a major reduction in industrial landfill waste by reducing the amount of industrial waste generated and promoting recycling. In addition, as a specified resource industry identified by the Act on Promotion of Effective Use of Resources, we are also working to systematically limit the generation of industrial byproducts (sludge).
  3. Moving up the Schedule for the Treatment of Waste with Minute Amounts of PCBs before Legal Disposal Deadline Set by the PCB Special Measures Law
    We winnowed the external operators jointly contracted to dispose of waste by main Group companies down to just one. Regarding the waste with minute amounts of PCBs (transformers, condensers, etc.) being stored or used by each company, we formulated and are carrying out a plan to treat the waste over multiple years. We plan to treat all applicable equipment by March 2025.