Protecting the Soil Environment

We quantify the soil environments of worksites, strictly prevent the diffusion of pollutants, and actively work to prevent contamination.

Examples of Initiatives

  1. Regularly Monitoring Groundwater
    We analyze the groundwater at the boundaries of our worksites to confirm that levels of hazardous materials are below those stipulated by standards.
  2. Preventing Soil Contamination
    We have established rules regarding the construction standards and the content of regular inspections for various equipment, including the gutters, floors, plumbing, and bund walls of facilities handling chemical substances. We are working to prevent soil contamination from leaks by thoroughly complying with these rules.

Looking Ahead

The focus of Sumitomo Chemical Group’s basic policy on protecting the environment has shifted since the early 2000s from responding to laws and regulations toward strengthening voluntary management. As pressure increases to protect the environment on a global scale and to improve the efficacy of the measures taken at each worksite, we think it is necessary to understand international environmental protection trends better than ever and take forward-looking action.

From the perspective of continued risk management, we will focus our efforts on issues that are assessed as being high risk over the medium to long term and take appropriate action that enhances voluntary management.