Appropriate Management of Chemical Substances

Regarding class 1 specified chemical substances (PRTR Act) and VOCs, we conduct environmental risk analyses regardless of the amount emitted into the environment. We are also taking measures to reduce use and emissions.

Examples of Initiatives

  1. Meeting Voluntary Environmental Targets
    At the boundaries of plant premises and at final drainage exits, we have set voluntary environmental targets for the concentration of pollutants in air and water and work to meet those targets.
  2. Reducing Atmospheric Emissions (FY2019 results: atmospheric emissions accounted for around 98% of total emissions (air and water))
    We are, of course, taking measures to reduce emissions mainly by sealing facilities and improving operation methods. But we are also working to intently and systematically reduce atmospheric emissions primarily by additionally taking such disposal measures as recovering emissions through absorption, purification, and stronger cooling; incinerating emissions; and suppressing emissions through internal floating roofs for tanks.
  3. Operating Company-wide PRTR Calculation Systems
    Using the Company’s proprietary calculation system, Sumitomo Chemical is striving to increase the accuracy and level of detail of the data on emission amounts and transfer amounts for each substance.