Intellectual Property

Basic Policy

Sumitomo Chemical engages in intellectual property (IP) activities in accordance with the following basic policies:

IP Activities:

  1. Be in line with the business strategy
  2. Create global business value
  3. Strive for the thorough utilization of results of research and technology development
  4. Respect rights and observe the law

While respecting the valid patents of third parties, we are working to acquire and protect wider, stronger, faster-registered, and longer-lasting patents globally for the results of our research and technology development, and we then strategically promote our business activities as well as those of our Group companies and ultimately maximize our business value.

Performing IP Activities

The Intellectual Property (IP) Department is tasked not only with submitting patent applications and conducting IP prosecution, but also with making recommendations as necessary for research sectors and business sectors by properly investigating and analyzing IPs, as needed, at each stage of R&D and commercialization. When searching for new themes and customer and industry candidates, Sumitomo Chemical conducts IP landscape surveys that comprehensively analyze IP and business information. We then use those surveys to draft R&D strategies, business strategies, and IP strategies. In addition, we conduct analyses of other companies’ rights at each stage and strive to minimize and rapidly address IP risks. We actively use rapidly advancing IP search software and AI technologies to efficiently find and analyze relevant technologies suitable for each stage, as well as trends in other companies’ patents. These searches help us build and reinforce our patent portfolio.
Amid increasingly complex and intensified competition, our Group businesses are globalizing, and hence, it is ever more important for Group companies in and outside Japan to search for and analyze IP, including patents, and to build their patent portfolios, in a manner suitable for each business’s strategy and operational systems. Sumitomo Chemical carries out these activities in close contact with its business sectors and Group companies in Japan and overseas. We continue to work on filing applications and acquiring rights of IP in Asia, the Americas, and the EU to fortify the foundation of our overseas business activities.

Joined in the “IP Open Access Declaration against COVID-19”

Sumitomo Chemical joined in the “IP Open Access Declaration against COVID-19” as a supporter in June, 2020.
The gist of the Declaration is that participants will not assert any intellectual property rights under certain conditions against any activities whose sole purpose is stopping the spread of COVID-19. Respecting this Declaration, the Sumitomo Chemical Group will consider ways to stop the spread of the coronavirus, including a possibility of cooperation with the government and industry groups.