Internal Control

Status of the Development of the Internal Control System

Sumitomo Chemical established its Basic Policy for Enhancement of the Internal Control System by a resolution of the Board of Directors, creating a system to ensure the appropriateness of its operations as stipulated in the Companies Act.

As stated in the basic concept of this policy, we recognize that the development of an internal control system is a necessary process for maintaining a sound organization and should be actively utilized to achieve business objectives. To continuously enhance our internal control system, we have formed the Internal Control Committee, which is chaired by the President and consists of Executive Officers responsible for and in charge of each business sector and corporate department. Regular meetings of the committee are held three times a year, with additional meetings held as needed.

At Sumitomo Chemical, the Internal Control Committee plays a central role in discussing various measures based on the basic policy described above. The committee also operates a PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle by monitoring the implementation status of those measures, and constantly inspects and strengthens the Group’s internal control system in response to changes in the Group’s business and operating environment, so that the Group’s internal control system can function effectively.

The Standing Corporate Auditors attend the committee as observers, and the committee’s operations are conducted by the Internal Control & Audit Department, independent of other business activities. Summaries of the matters covered in the committee are reported to the Board of Corporate Auditors after each meeting. These summaries are then reported to the Board of Directors for deliberation.

Organization of the Internal Control Committee

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Timely Disclosure

The Corporate Communications Department is in charge of working in conjunction with other relevant departments to continually disclose necessary information in a timely manner. In addition to items requiring disclosure under Japan’s Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and under stock exchange regulations, we also actively disclose information that may be considered material to the decisions of investors.

We endeavor to build stronger relationships of trust with society and capital markets by publishing documentation in accordance with the rules stipulated by the security exchanges in Japan, including reports on the company’s corporate governance philosophy and system, and notifications showing that Outside Directors and Corporate Auditors have no existing conflicts of interest with general shareholders. These documents are available on the website of Japan Exchange Group, inc.

Internal Audits

As part of its internal control monitoring activities, Sumitomo Chemical has established a dedicated organization within the company to conduct internal audits, in addition to audits by the Corporate Auditor and Financial Statement auditors. The Internal Control & Audit Department conducts internal audits for all matters related to the execution of operations by the company and its Group companies, and dedicated audit teams for the Responsible Care Department conduct Responsible Care auditing from the perspective of safety, environment, and quality throughout the life cycle of chemical products. Internal audits and Responsible Care audits are coordinated with each other as needed.

Internal Audits

The Internal Control & Audit Department organizes teams of several employees who conduct internal audits on Sumitomo Chemical and its major Group companies once every two to five years from the following perspectives: effective and efficient operations; reliability of financial reporting; and compliance with relevant laws and statutes in all business activities.

The department also reports the results of internal audits to the Internal Audit Liaison Meeting, which is held on a quarterly basis and is attended by the Standing Corporate Auditors and a number of departments, including the Legal Department, the Human Resources Department, the Accounting Department, and the planning & coordination offices of each business sector. The department also reports to the Internal Control Committee once every six months in order to share issues and to promote the lateral deployment of measures. 

In addition, in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the department evaluates the effectiveness of internal controls over the Sumitomo Chemical Group’s financial reporting, and also reports on the status of its evaluations to the Internal Control Committee.

In case any serious matter relating to internal controls is found, the matter will be promptly reported to Executive Officers and Standing Corporate Auditors on the reporting line.

Responsible Care Audits

The Responsible Care Department organizes teams of dedicated employees to conduct responsible care audits on each of our business sites and on major Group companies once every one to three years, in principle, from the following perspectives: ensuring safety, health, environmental protection, maintenance and improvement of quality, compliance, including with security trade controls, and control system security throughout the entire life cycle of chemical products.

Through these audits, we are striving to support the improvement of Responsible Care management in accordance with the size, type of business, and characteristics of each business site and Group company. Issues discovered during the audit and the progress of improvements are reported internally every time and to the Responsible Care Committee when it meets once a year.