Communication with Stakeholders

Basic Policy

Principle 4 of the Sumitomo Chemical Group’s Basic Principles for Promoting Sustainability states, “We are committed to work closely with various stakeholders through promoting spontaneous disclosure of information and open dialogue on the targets of our sustainability promotion initiatives and the progress of their implementation.” Our efforts to communicate with shareholders based on this principle fall into the following two categories.

(1) Disclosures
We disclose necessary information and report on the progress of our various initiatives. We also make an analysis of the needs of society as appropriate and review external assessment results in order to improve our communication and ensure proper disclosure.
(2) Dialogues

In addition to proactive disclosure, we actively engage in two-way communication or dialogue with various stakeholders. Based on the feedback provided in dialogues, we work to improve our communication and implement new initiatives.

We will continue to fulfill our responsibility to all stakeholders on the two fronts of disclosure and dialogue by enhancing our communication through a variety of efforts. We will also align our future generations with a sustainable society, paying attention to the international community and global environment.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Communication Opportunities with Each Stakeholder

Opportunities to Communicate with Stakeholders

StakeholdersSumitomo Chemical Group’s ResponsibilityMeasures
Shareholders and Investors

We communicate regularly, effectively and strategically with shareholders and investors with regard to management policies, business strategies, and earnings trends. We fulfill our accountability to shareholders to maintain and improve the market’s trust in the Sumitomo Chemical Group, while also promoting the market’s accurate understanding of the Company with a view to a fair market valuation of the Company’s shares and the improvement of our corporate value.

  • General meetings of shareholders
  • Corporate strategy briefing meetings and business strategy briefing meetings
  • Conference calls
  • Briefing meetings for individual investors
  • Interviews with investors and analysts
  • Investor relations publications, including Annual Report, Investors’ Handbook and Sustainability Data Book
  • Disclosure via the Company’s website
Customers We supply high-quality products and services that satisfy customers’ needs and ensure safety in use to establish long-term relations with customers that are built on trust.
  • Customer support including communication in sales activities and quality assurance
  • Providing information via the Company’s website and other communication media
  • Customer support by the customer support center
Business Partners We are committed to building mutually-beneficial sound relations with business partners based on our Basic Procurement Principles. We also conduct fair, equitable and transparent transactions, while also encouraging our business partners to engage in sustainability efforts, in order to promote sustainable procurement across our supply chain.
  • Communication through purchasing activities
  • Monitoring and providing feedback by using our Sustainable Procurement Guidebook and check sheets
  • A dedicated team to answer inquiries from business partners

We are committed to ensuring employees’ health and respecting employee diversity, while also devoting constant effort to human resource development and the improvement of a workplace environment so that individual employees can realize their full potential. The Company is also committed to maintaining its good relationship with the Sumitomo Chemical labor union built on mutual understanding and trust.

  • Central labor-management meetings and operation-site labor-management meetings
  • Labor-management committee for the promotion of work-life balance
  • Various training programs
  • Communication via the Company’s internal newsletters and intranet
Local Communities and Society

We work to help solve various global issues through cooperation on international initiatives as well as to achieve mutual prosperity with local communities by holding two-way dialogues and enhancing disclosure.

  • Participating in international initiatives (Including UNGC, WBCSD and ICCA)
  • Providing information mainly through the Company’s website, Annual Report, Investors’ Handbook, Sustainability Data Book and Social media
  • Holding dialogues with local communities
  • Social Contribution Activities (Including Support for Education in Africa, Holding Science workshop classes and Local cleanup activities)

External Evaluations (ESG-Related)

Inclusion in ESG Indexes

ESG indexes are stock indexes composed of companies that receive high ratings for their ESG initiatives, and found to be outstanding. Companies with outstanding ESG initiatives are seen as being both companies that can be expected to grow over the long term and as companies that contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.
This page introduces the major ESG indexes that include Sumitomo Chemical.

This is a series of indexes designed by FTSE Russell, a global index provider. The indexes consist of companies selected from among the world’s leading companies for demonstrating strong ESG practices. FTSE4Good Index Series 
This is an index designed by FTSE Russell, a global index provider. It consists of selected Japanese companies demonstrating strong ESG practices. FTSE selects these companies from among the stocks constituting the FTSE Japan Index, and the index is designed as an industry neutral benchmark that reflects the distribution of industries in the Japanese stock market. FTSE Blossom Japan Index 

This is an index designed by FTSE Russell, a global index provider. It is designed as a sector-neutral benchmark that reflects the performance of small, mid and large cap companies demonstrating strong ESG practices in Japan. In addition, the index is designed to support the transition to a low carbon economy by evaluating companies' climate governance activities aligned with the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures' recommendations and carbon emissions intensity to determine stock eligibility for index inclusion. The index combines data and analysis from FTSE Russell and the Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI).

FTSE Blossom Japan Index

This is an index designed by MSCI, which provides a variety of tools to support institutional investors around the world in making investment decisions.
From among the stocks constituting the MSCI Japan IMI Top 500 Index, MSCI selects these companies that excel in ESG evaluation.

MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index

MSCI ESG Investing
This is an index designed by MSCI, which provides a variety of tools to support institutional investors around the world in making investment decisions. MSCI selects the companies that are active in encouraging and promoting women’s participation in the workplace. MSCI Japan Empowering Women Index (WIN)

MSCI ESG Investing

This is an index designed by S&P Dow Jones Indices and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is designed to select TOPIX stocks so that companies that disclose carbon efficiency and environmental data constitute a high proportion of the index.
Our decile rating is 4, and the disclosure status is “disclosed.”

S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index

ESG-Related Awards and Evaluations

This page introduces the major awards and evaluations Sumitomo Chemical has received for its ESG initiatives.


Sumitomo Chemical has received a Gold medal in a sustainability assessment by EcoVadis for the third consecutive year, an award recognizing companies whose performance is in the top 5% of all companies rated.
Established in 2007, EcoVadis is a performance rating agency focused on corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, working to help companies improve their environmental and social practices through their global supply chains. The agency has assessed about 90,000 companies from 160 countries across 200 business sectors in terms of corporate policies, initiatives, and achievements in four areas: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

Sumitomo Chemical has been named on CDP's "Climate Change A List 2021" and "Water Security A List 2021" as a company recognized for its particularly excellent activities to address climate change and water security, including target setting, actions and transparency. The Company has been named on the Climate A list, the highest rating given by CDP, for four consecutive years, and on the Water Security A list for the second time Established in 2000, CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) is an international non-governmental organization that incentivizes companies and governments to become leaders in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, managing water resources, and conserving forests. On behalf of institutional investors around the world, CDP collects information about environmental efforts of leading companies and scores them. Of 13,200 companies that disclosed their environmental efforts to CDP, 57 global companies and 18 Japanese companies received the highest ratings in terms of actions for both climate change and water security.


This system was established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2016, and presents awards to corporations that are practicing excellent health management, based on measures to promote health promoted by Nippon Kenko Kaigi. We have been certified for five consecutive years since 2018.

In September 2015, we received the next-generation support certification logo (Kurumin) for the third time running as a company that supports families raising children. This is an accreditation system whereby the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare certifies companies that executed action plans formulated as per the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising the Next-Generation of Children, and met all the criteria.

Japan's Consumer Affairs Agency established the WCMS Certification regime in February 2019 to recognize companies that develop and operate proper whistleblowing systems. We have become a registered company, effective as of December 11, 2020.

*Whistleblowing Compliance Management System

Sumitomo Chemical has been awarded the Minister of the Environment Award (Silver Award) in the Environmentally Sustainable Corporations section of the third ESG Finance Awards Japan, organized by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment. This is the first time the Company has received this award.

ESG Finance Awards Japan is a program founded by the Ministry of the Environment in 2019 to promote the dissemination and growth of ESG finance. The aim of the award in the Environmentally Sustainable Corporations section is to evaluate those companies that have incorporated material environment-related opportunities and risks into their corporate strategy with the intention of increasing their corporate value while also exerting an outstanding positive impact on the environment and society, and to share the results of said evaluation broadly throughout society.

Sumitomo Chemical’s integrated report, Annual Report 2020, received an Award of Excellence in the Nikkei Annual Report Awards 2020. Nikkei Annual Report Awards is an awards program that Nikkei Inc. has organized every year since 1998 for the purpose of raising the quality and encouraging the publication of annual reports published by Japanese companies. Companies with the highest scores by the screening of institutional investors are recognized. For fiscal 2020, which was the 23rd awards program, 132 companies applied, and one company was selected for the First Prize, three for the Second Prize, three for the Special Award, and fourteen for the Award of Excellence.

Our Annual Report 2020 and Sustainability Data Book 2020 won the Grand Prize for Environmental Reports at the 24th Environmental Communication Awards. This is an accreditation system to promote corporate initiatives for environmental management and communications while improving the quality of information disclosure on the environment. For the 24th Environmental Communication Awards, 147 reports were submitted for consideration, and 26 reports were selected to be awarded the Grand Prize.

Sumitomo Chemical received the Award of Excellence in the JIPS Awards (Japan Initiative of Product Stewardship Awards) sponsored by the Japan Chemical Industry Association. (JCIA). The awards, which are part of JCIA’s efforts to promote JIPS activities, confer a Top Prize, Award of Excellence, and Honorable Mention Awards based on the number of annual disclosures of safety summaries disclosures of safety information for the risk-based management of chemical substances).
Sumitomo Chemical had 13 safety summary disclosures, the second of any Japanese Chemical company.

JIPS Awards