Communication with Stakeholders

Basic Policy

Principle 4 of the Sumitomo Chemical Group’s Basic Principles for Promoting Sustainability states, “We are committed to work closely with various stakeholders through promoting spontaneous disclosure of information and open dialogue on the targets of our sustainability promotion initiatives and the progress of their implementation.” Our efforts to communicate with shareholders based on this principle fall into the following two categories.

(1) Disclosures
We disclose necessary information and report on the progress of our various initiatives. We also make an analysis of the needs of society as appropriate and review external assessment results in order to improve our communication and ensure proper disclosure.
(2) Dialogues

In addition to proactive disclosure, we actively engage in two-way communication or dialogue with various stakeholders. Based on the feedback provided in dialogues, we work to improve our communication and implement new initiatives.

We will continue to fulfill our responsibility to all stakeholders on the two fronts of disclosure and dialogue. We will also work to enhance our communication through a variety of efforts, including not only business activities but also social actions and community dialogues, paying attention to the international community and global environment.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Communication Opportunities with Each Stakeholder

Opportunities to Communicate with Stakeholders

StakeholdersSumitomo Chemical Group’s ResponsibilityMeasures
Shareholders and Investors

We communicate regularly, effectively and strategically with shareholders and investors with regard to management policies, business strategies, and earnings trends. We fulfill our accountability to shareholders to maintain and improve the market’s trust in the Sumitomo Chemical Group, while also promoting the market’s accurate understanding of the Company with a view to a fair market valuation of the Company’s shares and the improvement of our corporate value.

  • General meetings of shareholders
  • Corporate strategy briefing meetings and business strategy briefing meetings
  • Conference calls
  • Briefing meetings for individual investors
  • Interviews with investors and analysts
  • Investor relations publications, including Annual Report, Investors’ Handbook and Sustainability Data Book
  • Disclosure via the Company’s website
Customers We supply high-quality products and services that satisfy customers’ needs and ensure safety in use to establish long-term relations with customers that are built on trust.
  • Customer support including communication in sales activities and quality assurance
  • Providing information via the Company’s website and other communication media
  • Customer support by the customer support center
Business Partners We are committed to building mutually-beneficial sound relations with business partners based on our Basic Procurement Principles. We also conduct fair, equitable and transparent transactions, while also encouraging our business partners to engage in sustainability efforts, in order to promote sustainable procurement across our supply chain.
  • Communication through purchasing activities
  • Monitoring and providing feedback by using our Sustainable Procurement Guidebook and check sheets
  • dedicated team to answer inquiries from business partners

We are committed to ensuring employees’ health and respecting employee diversity, while also devoting constant effort to human resource development and the improvement of a workplace environment so that individual employees can realize their full potential. The Company is also committed to maintaining its good relationship with the Sumitomo Chemical labor union built on mutual understanding and trust.

  • Central labor-management meetings and operation-site labor-management meetings
  • Labor-management committee for the promotion of work-life balance
  • Various training programs
  • Communication via the Company’s internal newsletters and intranet
Local Communities and Society With a conviction that it is a mission for a company to strive to prosper with local communities where it operates, we are committed to building and maintaining good relationships with local communities by ensuring safety and protecting the environment in the communities, while engaging in various efforts to meet local needs.
  • Publishing the Report on the Environment and Safety (for each operation site)
  • Publishing local public relations newsletters
  • Holding dialogues with local communities
  • Hosting science workshop classes
  • Local cleanup activities