The Role of Responsible Care (RC) Audits

The Role of Responsible Care (RC) Audits

The RC audit is a management system to verify that the RC activities such as ensuring safety and the environment, and maintaining and improving the quality of chemical products are properly implemented. It also promotes process enhancement if areas for improvements are found in those activities.
To promote the Sumitomo Chemical Group’s RC global management, RC audit activities fulfill the functions of improving management and building, maintaining, and improving the internal control system through the following four-step approaches.

Step 1 Sharing Sumitomo’s Business Principles and Philosophy
Step 2 Promoting an understanding of and sharing in the Corporate Policy on Safety, the Environment and Product Quality; Policy on Responsible Care Activities; RC management systems; and Group Responsible Care Standards
Step 3 Establishing and developing RC management systems at each Group company
Step 4 Carrying out modifications to the direction and adjusting levels of RC activities by undergoing RC audits

Through face-to-face communication through each of the aforementioned steps, we have successfully provided assistance so that the RC management system is set in place by taking the scale, type of business, and attributes of each Group company into consideration. Relationships with Group companies that have been nurtured through these RC audits are utilized in various initiatives including individual support and the lively exchange of opinions aimed at resolving a wide range of issues at the Group companies.

Responsible Care Auditing Framework

Sumitomo Chemical has an independent RC audit team. The RC auditors, who have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and technical expertise, take the lead in directly visiting internal Works as well as Group companies and conducting audits. In addition,RC audits of internal Works and research labs are conducted from a management perspective by Sumitomo Chemical’s executive officers in charge of RC.

Features of Sumitomo Chemical’s RC audits:

  • Support is provided in the form of advice and proposals to ensure improvement at Group companies.
  • Throughout RC audits, human resource development programs are incorporated to train Manufacturing Section Heads of Sumitomo Chemical and RC staff of Group companies.
  • Local consultants are engaged to ensure the thoroughgoing and comprehensive check of compliance at overseas Group companies.

The Scope and Cycle

In principle, RC audits are conducted every one or two years at Sumitomo Chemical’s Works and business sectors, and every three years at Group companies.

Responsible Care Auditing Framework

  • Responsible Care Auditing Framework

Looking Ahead

We continually work to prevent compliance violations, corruption, and errors as well as to improve the management of both Sumitomo Chemical and Group companies while building, maintaining, and improving their internal control systems as needed.