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The Sumitomo Chemical Group's Contribution to the SDGs

We at the Sumitomo Chemical Group are committed to contribute through our business to establishing a sustainable society while also achieving our sustained growth. We have set out our guiding principles for efforts toward these goals in the Basic Principles for Promoting Sustainability. In these principles, we affirm our commitment to helping resolve critical issues facing the international community.

Sumitomo Chemical’s Sustainability Efforts and the SDGs

In Principle 2 of the Basic Principles for Promoting Sustainability, we express the Group’s commitment to abiding by international rules related to sustainability and helping resolve vital issues facing the international community. In particular, we pledge to promote efforts toward achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

When identifying the material issues to be addressed as management priorities, we referred to the SDGs as a guideline for surveying social needs and issues. In addition, with the aim of aligning our efforts with the contribution to the achievement of the SDGs, we have set the key performance indicators (KPIs) for our material issues for social value creation based on the SDG targets, which comprises 169 items.

Specific SDGs for Each Business Sector to Focus on

The Sumitomo Chemical Group is working on various efforts in order to help realize a sustainable society through innovation and business and by leveraging its strengths as a diversified chemical company.

Business SectorPrimary Focus SDGsDetail

Essential Chemicals & Plastics

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Energy & Functional Materials

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IT-related Chemicals

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Health & Crop Sciences

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