Diversity Initiatives

Diversity Initiatives

To promote diversity, Sumitomo Chemical considers it essential to provide all employees with motivating workplaces where they can fully demonstrate their skills and abilities in a variety of situations. As a part of that effort, the Company is focusing on the active advancement of women and promoting priority measures aimed at creating an environment in which as many women as possible can excel.

Initiatives to Promote Diversity (Sumitomo Chemical)

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Name Concept Results
FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Number of Female Managers*1  In order to promote the success of female employees, Sumitomo Chemical sets quantitative targets regarding the ratio of female managers and systematically promotes female employees to management positions. 80 80 85
Percentage of Female Managers (%)*1 4.3 4.2 4.5
Employment Rate for People with Disabilities (%)*2 Sumitomo Chemical is undertaking initiatives to encourage the employment of people with disabilities to a greater extent than before by taking steps to create workplaces that allow these employees to make the most of their abilities. 2.23 2.07 2.09
Number of Retirees Sumitomo Chemical has been implementing a system to reemploy retirees to provide them with opportunities to demonstrate the skills and expertise they have gained to date. 118 190 38
Number of Reemployed 99 175 35
Reemployment Rate (%) 83.9 92.1 92.1

Note: Figures include Sumitomo Chemical employees on temporary transfer to other companies but do not include employees from other companies on temporary transfer to Sumitomo Chemical.

  1.  Number and percentage of employees holding positions equivalent to sectional manager or above (Following the revision of the HR system, the scope of managerial employees has been changed, which has been retroactively reflected in previous year figures.); as of April 1 of each fiscal year
  2.  Average for each fiscal year

Promoting the Active Advancement of Women

Sumitomo Chemical has outlined the following targets to further promote the active advancement of women in line with the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.

Target 1

Women accounting for at least 10% of positions equivalent to manager or above by 2020. (FY2017 results: 4.5%)

Related measures

  • Continue to provide training for women holding positions equivalent to assistant manager through the Women Leadership Development Academy
  • Continue to provide training for workplace managers to promote understanding and raise awareness about promoting the active advancement of women
  • Continue to send employees for outside training to sharpen their skills and expand their knowledge

Target 2

At least 50% of male employees taking childcare leave by 2020. (FY2017 results: 18.7%)

Related measures

  • Put out press releases and otherwise raise awareness about programs that enable employees to flexibly respond to life events
  • Work to establish an environment that enables flexible workstyles and improves productivity by promoting a better work-life balance
  • Draft and implement measures to promote the use of these programs mainly through the Labor-Management Committee for Work-Life Balance

Measures to Improve Productivity

Sumitomo Chemicals takes various measures to improve productivity that helps ensure the Company’s sustained growth.

Formulation of the Action Plan to Reform Workstyles

In March 2018, Sumitomo Chemical formulated an action plan to reform workstyles. In this action plan, we established key performance indicators (KPIs) along with three main targets:

  1. correcting long working hours,
  2. encouraging employees to take paid annual leave, and
  3. promoting flexible workstyles.

We then set out measures to achieve these targets. The details are as follows.

Action Plan to Reform Workstyles

1.Correct Long Working Hours

KPI Measures
Reduce the annual percentage of people working long hours* to below 10% by fiscal 2020. A. Employ the Internet of Things (IoT) to reform workstyles and revolutionize operations
Digitize plant-related operational processes and data, make office operations more efficient by actively using cloud sourcing and the latest technologies (including AI and sensors), etc.
B. Improve productivity by promoting a better work-life balance
Regularly convene the Labor-Management Committee for Work-Life Balance with labor and management representatives, take various measures to improve productivity in each workplace, hold lectures to promote better work-life balance, etc.

2.Encourage Employees to Take Paid Annual Leave

KPI Measures
Realize an average of 70% of paid leave taken annually by 2020.

A. Create an annual leave chart that covers several fiscal years

Every year create an annual leave chart that covers several fiscal years to make it easier to plan far into the future and help encourage employees to take paid leave

B. Encourage employees to take paid leave
  • Encourage employees to take paid leave during Golden Week and other similar periods
  • Encourage employees to create four-day weekends by adding days of paid leave to either side of weekends and promote taking time off in the September–November period
  • Encourage senior employees to take paid leave
C. Continue to systematically provide paid leave
Systematically provide around five paid-leave days every year (does not include statutory leave)

3.Promote Flexible Workstyles

KPI Measures
Realize 50% of male employees taking childcare leave by 2020. A. Issue PRs and raise awareness about programs
Continually issue PRs and raise awareness about various programs that enable employees to flexibly adjust for their individual needs, including those related to life events involving childcare and caregiving. In addition, encourage male employees with newborns to take childcare leave.
Regarding the below questions in the employee awareness survey, achieve the target figures by the time of the next survey. B. Foster an environment that allows the realization of flexible workstyles
By taking the measures outlined above for correcting long working hours, create an environment where it is easy to improve the productivity of employees and their workplaces and to realize flexible workstyles.
  • Realize at least 60% affirmative responses to the question: “Is the general consensus in your workplace that both men and women can easily take paid or unpaid leave for childcare or caregiving and use the reduced working-hour system?”
  • Realize at least 75% affirmative responses to the question: “Are the programs and working environment at the Company conducive to easily working after giving birth, raising children, or caregiving?”
C. Encourage use of programs
Through the Labor-Management Committee for Work-Life Balance and other such meetings, identify the specific usage needs and improvement requests for the various programs. Use this information to help draft and implement measures to encourage wider use of programs.
  • People who work at least a total of 35 hours of overtime per month, including both time worked after regular hours and on weekends and holidays.

Sumitomo Chemical is taking the following actions with regard to the target of correcting long working hours as outlined in the action plan on the previous page.

  1. From April 2017, we reduced the upper limit on overtime work to 80 hours per month and 720 hours per year.
  2. Regarding the obligatory physician interviews for people working long hours mandated by the Industrial Safety and Health Act, we established and are enforcing our own guidelines, which are harsher than the law, requiring interviews for people who work 70 hours or more of overtime in one month or 150 hours or more in a three-month period
  3. From March 2018, we established an even more appropriate work management system by displaying computer logon and logoff times when reporting work hours in addition to the existing system for reporting work hours.