Mental and physical health management

Sumitomo Chemical is implementing a range of measures to help maintain and promote physical and mental health with the assistance of the Company’s chief occupational health physician, beginning with medical staff providing health-related guidance to employees.

Mental Health

We have been cooperating with medical staff to properly implement the stress checks required by law for companies. We are working to prevent mental health problems by encouraging employees to take care of themselves and encouraging superiors to look after their subordinates. Employees are able to receive counseling from the Company’s medical staff.
Seminars on maintaining mental health are held for new employees and newly promoted employees, and training seminars on looking after subordinates and providing feedback on stress check results are also organized for new sectional managers and team leaders. In addition, in order to help employees who have been absent from work for extended periods due to mental health problems return to work, we introduced a rehabilitation work system. Under this system, an on-site occupational health physician, an HR staff member, and the employee’s manager cooperate in helping the employee start working again by determining the working days, hours, and other details for the employee.

Physical Health

The health insurance associations of companies have been required by law to have all employees and their dependents aged 40 or older undergo specified health checkups and receive specified guidance for lifestyle disease. Sumitomo Chemical works with its health insurance association to ensure that all employees and their dependents undergo both regular and specified health checkups, regardless of age, and employees and their dependents aged 35 or older receive guidance with regard to lifestyle diseases, thereby helping employees with the early diagnosis and prevention of such diseases.
In addition, the Company dispatches its chief occupational health physician to provide overseas medical counseling and evaluate medical service environments to support employees working overseas and their accompanying families. In fiscal 2017, medical counseling and environmental evaluations were implemented three times in Saudi Arabia, three times in China, and once each in Europe, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Sumitomo Chemical collaborates with its health insurance association on various measures, including health and productivity management undertaken by the Company and health data compiled by the health insurance association.

  • 2018
    Health & Productivity Management
    Outstanding Organization
    White 500

Logo for Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization

In February 2018, Sumitomo Chemical was certified as a Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500). The Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization Recognition Program was created in 2016 by the Ministry of the Economy, Trade and Industry. The program recognizes companies that practice outstanding health and productivity management based on the health promotion efforts of the Japan Health Council. The Company’s various measures and systems related to health and productivity management received a positive evaluation.

Looking Ahead

In line with its basic stance, Sumitomo Chemical will continue to promote global HR initiatives, train personnel, secure personnel, and engage in proper workforce management that reflects optimal business operations, run HR systems that spur employee growth and development, and build HR systems that respond to revisions to relevant laws and regulations as well as changes in conditions.