Recruitment, Human Resources Development and Human Resources System

Basic Stance

Sumitomo Chemical’s basic policy for HR measures is to enable the Group to achieve sustainable growth as a global chemical company through the development and growth of all employees through the fulfillment of duties with a sense of pride and motivation.
In addition, Sumitomo Chemical is taking steps to further bolster its Global HR initiatives in order to strengthen its global management endeavors from a human resource perspective. The Company is also undertaking proper workforce planning based on business expansion.

Number of Employees (Sumitomo Chemical Group)

★ : Assured by an independent assurance provider

  FY2016 FY2017★
Male 24,232 24,015
Female 8,304 7,822
Total 32,536 31,837

Note: Although the methodology used for counting employees has changed slightly since fiscal 2017, the effect has been minor.

Human Resources System Initiatives

Sumitomo Chemical has introduced a job- and results-based HR system, wherein the compensation provided is based on results achieved, work content and volume, and level of responsibility. Because compensation is based on actual work performance, employees with drive and ability can quickly take on higher roles. This system encourages self-motivated employees who want to grow.
In addition, to encourage development and growth amid the current climate of diversifying ideas about career trajectories, we have incorporated Career Development Fields (CDF) (professional categories) into our HR systems. We decided to do this because we understand the importance of determining the details of medium- to long-term placements and training in line with each employee’s ability and suitability as well as based on their career goals. Planned placements and training are conducted in line with each employee’s career goals, and employees’ experience of their own development and growth serves to further encourage them to take the reins when thinking about their careers.
Moreover, with regard to specialist careers, we offer more than the conventional path, which assumes a largely vertical progression in rank from manager to general manager, and so on. To reflect the increasingly advanced and complex nature of operational and R&D fields, we have introduced a mechanism that provides appropriate compensation so that personnel with sophisticated abilities in their specialization can unleash their full potential and rack up accomplishments.
Accordingly, our evaluation system is not limited to evaluating how well each employee is able to perform the duties their position and role entails; it evaluates how well said employee demonstrates their ability to deliver real results and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to do so. The system thus encourages individual development and growth without overly focusing on short-term achievements.
Managers talk with their subordinates on a regular basis to help increase their motivation and abilities with feedback on their performance, objectives, behavioral advantages, and areas for improvement. In the interviews, they also discuss workplace policies, job expectations, and career paths. Furthermore, we have adopted the same performance evaluation system for managers at overseas Group companies as for Sumitomo Chemical’s managerial employees.

Human Resources Development

Sumitomo Chemical strives to develop human resources and enhance the abilities of its employees. In order to nurture professional human resources who can excel on the world stage, the Company has introduced a variety of measures, training programs, and educational rotations that enable motivated personnel to fully demonstrate their abilities.
Reflecting the fiscal 2017 revision of the HR system, we revised our training systems and programs to help develop leadership, enhance management capabilities, and foster employees’ awareness of the need to take charge of their own growth as well as an awareness of their responsibility to train their subordinates.

Human Resources Development

  • Human Resources Development

Note: The Company conducts in-house training courses in the areas of compliance, human rights, CSR, and health maintenance and improvement

In addition, Sumitomo Chemical is carrying out a staged training program in human resource development for employees both in Japan and at overseas Group companies, in order to discover and develop next-generation leaders in a systematic way, emphasizing the creation of Global Leaders who can take on the role of core management.

Next-Generation Leader Development System

  • Next-Generation Leader Development System

In Sumitomo Chemical’s Leader Training for management-level employees both inside and outside of Japan, Sumitomo Chemical has worked with an overseas graduate school of business to carry out a program in both Singapore and Japan, held completely in English, with the goal of developing the employees’ conceptual strength and abilities to propose strategies for the creation of new value.

Leader Training Program

  • Leader Training Program

Recruitment, Human Resources Development, and Human Resources System

(No. of people)

NameApproach FY2017 Results
Career Development System (CDS) To ensure that individuals are active in the field to which they are most suited, non-managerial employees and some managers are rotated through job assignments linked to the development plans made by their managers based on stated preferences and an interview to help plan and develop their ideal careers. 679
Trainer System Highly skilled employees who have an aptitude for teaching provide instruction and advice to younger employees to facilitate their development. 65
Full-time Instructor System We provide supervisors and potential supervisors with on-the-job training to develop core talent for manufacturing departments. 5
Development of Global Talent In order to create global leaders who will play a central role in management and to develop talent that supports our global business operations, we systematically conduct various training programs.
 1. Global Leader Training Our global leader training program focuses on action learning. 23
 2. Leader Training Held in Singapore and Japan since fiscal 2014 to develop the next generation of leaders, we conduct training programs in English. 28
 3. Regional Manager Training We provide training for local managers at overseas Sumitomo Chemical Group companies. This training is mainly to help participants better understand and practice Sumitomo Chemical’s Business Philosophy and corporate value. 78
 4. Global Business Communication Skills Training Younger employees who are expected to become global talent attend a training seminar conducted in English to develop and improve their business communication skills 57
Evaluation system for managers A common evaluation system is applied to managers of overseas Group companies. 368 (Local managers)

Note: As of April 1, 2018

Global Personnel Training

FY2017 Results

ParticipantsAverage time
186 58 hours per person