Protection of Human Rights

Sumitomo Chemical has outlined in its Compliance Manual (the Sumitomo Chemical Code of Business Conduct) the following basic policy: The Company respects the fundamental human rights of all people and will not impugn the dignity of a person through unfair discrimination or harassment based on social standing, employment type, age, gender, birthplace, ancestry, nationality, race, disability, religion, beliefs, marital status, or other such attribute. We are raising awareness of this policy through the internal intranet.
Under this policy, we make it clear that, in line with the principle of respect for human rights, we have completely rooted out speech and behavior that manifests as harassment and bullying, such as that which disparages another’s character based on personal opinions or values without respecting their human rights. We prohibit all forms of harassment, including power harassment and sexual harassment (including LGBT-related and that directed at people of the same gender), and do not permit any kind of forced labor or child labor.
Regarding the prohibition of unfair discrimination, the Company does not conduct any discriminatory acts that impugn people’s dignity based on employment type, age, gender, birthplace, ancestry, nationality, race, disability, religion, beliefs, marital status, or other such attribute. We also prohibit discrimination based on a person’s physical gender or perceived gender due to a difference in gender identity or sexual orientation. We also prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities.
In addition, we regularly hold compliance-related training to deepen employees’ understanding and raise their awareness. In fiscal 2017, as in the past, there were no cases recognized as discrimination within the Group.
Moreover, we believe that it is important for not only Sumitomo Chemical but also each Group company in Japan and overseas to implement the basic policy detailed above. We are therefore working hard to ensure thorough compliance across the entire Group, including for measures to protect human rights. Overseas, through the regional headquarters established in the United States, Belgium, Singapore, and China, we have set up compliance systems based on each country’s legal system and are working to ensure compliance.

Note: Regarding child labor and forced labor in the supply chain, refer to the Responsible Procurement Activities section on page 81 under “Hand in Hand with Business Partners.”

Raising Employees’ Awareness of Human Rights

To educate employees on human rights issues, we incorporate human rights-related education into not only the introductory training all employees take after joining the Company but also all internal training programs, including those for newly promoted employees. Sumitomo Chemical holds a committee on human rights every year that formulates annual policies on human rights and implements training and other measures at each workplace to protect human rights. In fiscal 2017, we held a total of 159 seminars and lectures on human rights in which a total of 4,058 employees, or 68% of the total, participated.

Consultation Office

Aiming to establish a system wherein employees are able to receive counseling for various kinds of harassment, including sexual harassment, power harassment, and maternity harassment, Sumitomo Chemical has set up a harassment consultation office staffed with counselors.