Promotion of Work-Life Balance

Measures to Improve Work-life Balance

By regularly convening the Labor-Management Committee for Work-Life Balance with labor and management representatives to gain a clear understanding of employee needs, Sumitomo Chemical has carried out various measures to promote a better work-life balance.
Every year, we designate May and November as “work-life balance promotion months,” during which the Company and labor organizations work together to promote various measures related to promoting work-life balance. For Sumitomo Chemical to continue to develop further, the Company needs to raise the productivity of its employees while ensuring they feel greater motivation and a deeper sense of fulfillment than ever. From this perspective, during the promotion month of November in 2017, we held meetings at each workplace under the theme of “how to make your workstyle highly productive.”
Going forward, Sumitomo Chemical aims to improve productivity and realize a better work-life balance through free and active debate, as is the proud tradition of the Company.

Systems and Measures for Better Work-life Balance and for Use at Time of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Childcare

Results of Systems for Work-life Balance (Non-consolidated)

Childcare/Nursing Support

System/Measure FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Cessation from work for childcare★  185 248 304
Male 101 142 175
Female 84 106 129
Cessation from work for nursing care 3 3 3
Nursing care leave 132 134 153
Childbirth support leave 167 204 237
Maternal health leave 58 55 48
Expired accumulated paid leave*1 59 62 72
Reduced working hours system 114 118 134
Telecommuting*2 13 15 16
Reemployment system*3 11 12 8
In-house childcare facilities*4 156 (101) 161 (108) 167 (118)
Mutual aid association support money for childcare*5 175 195 211


System/Measure FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Suspension from work for special reasons for employees accompanying spouses going on overseas transfer*6 6 7 9
Employee survey*7 - Conducted in August -

Note: Employee numbers do not include temporary employees, part-time staff, or dispatch employees.

  1. Only for childcare and nursing care
  2. Number certified at the end of each fiscal year
  3. Number registered as of the end of each fiscal year
  4. Number of users on April 1 each fiscal year. Includes users other than Sumitomo Chemical. The figures in parentheses are the number of Sumitomo Chemical users.
  5. Aggregate number of people at end of each fiscal year
  6. Number of applicants as of the end of each fiscal year 
  7. Conducted once every three years
  • Next-generation
    certification mark

Kurumin Mark

In September 2015, Sumitomo Chemical was certified for the third time as a company that supports childcare and received the next-generation Kurumin certification mark. Under this system, business operators who successfully carry out action plans based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children and meet all the certification criteria receive certification from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare. This certification was in recognition of our third round of initiatives covering the period between June 2012 and March 2015. The first certification covered the period between April 2005 and May 2007, and the second one covered the period between June 2007 and May 2012. The Company was commended for its initiatives to help promote work-life balance, such as expanding in-house childcare facilities and encouraging employees to take various forms of leave.