Communication with Employees

Dialogue with Labor

Sumitomo Chemical and its labor union are working together to solve various issues within a labor-management relationship based on mutual understanding and trust.

We have concluded a labor agreement covering a wide range of topics, including union members’ concerns about human resources, work duties, compensation, disaster compensation, welfare facilities, safety and health, labor-management meetings, and collective bargaining. Based on this agreement, as a place for labor and management representatives to exchange opinions, we hold central labor-management meetings twice a year as well as regional labor-management meetings at each worksite twice a year. In addition, we have established Safety and Health Committees at each worksite to ensure and improve the safety and health of union members.

Furthermore, the Company and labor union have concluded a union shop agreement, ensuring that 100% of general employees at the Company are enrolled in the labor union.

Social Contribution Activities Promoted through Labor-Management Cooperation

As for social contribution activities promoted through labor-management cooperation, the Company and its labor union are working together to continue encouraging employees to each make a difference.

Social Contribution Activities Promoted through Labor-Management Cooperation

Name Overview
Matching Gift Program In this program, donations are made by executives and employees, and Sumitomo Chemical matches the amount collected.

Mangrove Planting Project in Thailand (Sumitomo Chemical Forest)

This is one project supported by donations to our Matching Gift program.
Employees volunteer to plant trees at the afforestation site in Ranong Province, Thailand.

Coastal Woodland Rejuvenation Project to Support Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

This is one program supported by donations from the matching gift program.
Employee volunteers nurture saplings to rejuvenate coastal woodlands in Natori, Miyagi Prefecture, that were damaged by the tsunami that followed the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Sumitomo Chemical Group Global Project

Provides opportunities for Sumitomo Chemical Group employees to consider and take actions together to address issues both in Japan and abroad.