Diversity and Inclusion

Basic Policy

Sumitomo Chemical has raised “promotion of diversity and inclusion” as one of the material issues to be addressed as management priorities based on the Basic Principles for Promoting Sustainability.

We have established a Group-wide basic philosophy related to diversity and inclusion and are promoting measures in line with the situation of each Group company.

Group Diversity and Inclusion Policy

We will promote diversity and inclusion across the Sumitomo Chemical Group. We understand that a variety of ideas and values among our employees represents a vital resource that forms the foundation of the Sumitomo Chemical Group's competitiveness. In order to create continuous new value, we will build and enable an inclusive organizational culture that allows us to respect the individuality of each employee and embrace diversity to empower employees in an environment of mutual and close communication.

In addition, labor and management jointly announced the Sumika Diversity & Inclusion Declaration as the second number of the ‘Take Action’ Declaration. The Company has defined the following five action items and is promoting various measures to implement them in order to enable the Company and employees flourish together through diversity and inclusion.

Sumika Diversity & Inclusion Declaration
Five Action Items

Furthermore, we are promoting various initiatives to prevent physical and mental discrimination and harassment in work environments and to ensure that people of all different backgrounds can thrive.

Management System

In 2010, Sumitomo Chemical established a labor-management committee to promote diversity and inclusion, as well as work-life balance.
To this end, the committee shares information and exchanges opinions in addition to checking on the progress of efforts undertaken by labor and by management.

Labor-Management Committee for Diversity and Inclusion, Work-Life Balance

Targets and Results / Examples of Initiatives

Diversity and Inclusion

To promote diversity and inclusion, the Group has set specific KPIs centered on basic principles related to diversity and inclusion for around 90 of the major Group companies. Moreover, when setting the KPIs, we established the following three points as Critical Success Factors for the promotion of diversity and inclusion.

Critical Success Factors (CSFs)

  1. Employ and develop diverse human resources, including those at senior management level
  2. Implement measures to empower diverse human resources
  3. Enhance diversity and inclusion awareness among managers and employees at all levels, and implement measures to build an inclusive culture that empowers employees

Sumitomo Chemical (Non-Consolidated) KPIs

Promoting the Active Advancement of Women

We have focused on promoting the active advancement of women as a part of our diversity and inclusion promotion efforts. We are actively taking measures to create an environment where even more women can thrive. Sumitomo Chemical has outlined the following targets in line with the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace and is implementing the specific initiatives detailed below.

Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. Action Plan

  1. Plan period:
    From April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2023
  2. Targets, initiative details, and implementation period

Target 1 Women accounting for at least 10% of positions equivalent to manager or above

Initiative Details

  • Dispatching employees mainly to training programs held by outside groups (since fiscal 2007)
    Regularly dispatch employees mainly to training programs held by outside groups with the purpose of career building, enhancing knowledge and skills, and forming networks with outside groups. (Several employees per year as a general rule.) Eligible employees: Young female employees
  • Mentor program (since fiscal 2012)
    Regularly hold interviews with executives as mentors to help motivate female employees and expand their point of view. (roughly 1-hour sessions, 4 to 5 times per year)
    Eligible employees: Female employees in positions equivalent to manager and up to general manager.
  • Internal lectures to help promote diversity and inclusion (since fiscal 2013)
    We hold lectures related to the significance of diversity and inclusion and the importance of providing growth opportunities through operations.
    Eligible employees: Those holding positions equivalent to manager or above
  • Diversity management training (since fiscal 2019)
    We hold diversity management training that helps us practice diversity management (leadership, human relations skills) and comprehend unconscious bias.
    Eligible employees:
    New managers and team leaders (required training)
    Positions equivalent to manager or above (voluntary training)
  • Implement initiatives for the “Sumika ‘Take Action’ Declaration” (since fiscal 2019)
    We have positioned promoting the active advancement of women and eliminating unconscious bias as an action item in the “Sumika ‘Take Action’ Declaration,” in which we proclaim those values and views of importance to us as a company. To this end, we implement various relevant initiatives.
  • E-learning related to unconscious bias (since fiscal 2020)
    We hold e-learning training with the purpose of raising awareness and recognition related to overall unconscious bias.
    Eligible employees: All employees

Target 2 At least 70% of male employees taking cessation from work for childcare

Initiative Details

  • Foster an environment that allows the realization of flexible workstyles (continual implementation)
    We foster an environment that allows the realization of flexible workstyles and are further improving the productivity of workplaces and people by realizing a workstyle transformation and operational revolution that employs IoT and promotes work-life balance.
  • Release PRs and raise awareness of programs (continual implementation)
    We continually release PRs and raise awareness of the Company’s various programs designed to flexibly respond to individual situations and circumstances, such as the need to engage in childcare or caregiving due to life events. In addition, we recommend male employees with newborn children to take work cessation for childcare.
  • Take measures to promote use of programs (continual implementation)
    1. Through labor-management committee meetings and other meetings, we determine specific user needs and ways to improve various programs. We then use this information to help craft and implement measures to promote greater use of the programs.
    2. As an action item in the “Sumika ‘Take Action’ Declaration,” in which we proclaim those values and views of importance to us as a company, we aim to foster a work environment that makes it is easy for all employees to fully use work-life balance programs, including male employees to take cessation for childcare, effectively use the flextime program, and establish a cooperation system in the workplace. To this end, we have implemented various relevant initiatives.

Internal Lecture Helping Promote Diversity and Inclusion

The former Vice Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, Muraki Atsuko held an internal lecture for workplace managers (general managers, manager level employees, around 1,500 people), who are key to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

At the lecture, she spoke about the importance of accepting diverse human resources in the workplace, including women, people with disabilities, seniors, and foreign nationals. She also delivered a message to workplace managers aimed at further promoting diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Management Training

In fiscal 2019, as a trial, we held training sessions for HR team leaders at the Tokyo Headquarters (manager to general manager level employees, around 100 people) on two themes: comprehending unconscious bias and practicing concrete management.

Going forward, we intend to continue rolling out this training to all worksites.

Activities Related to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs)

Sumitomo Chemical signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs). The Company is working to increase gender equality in Japan and conducting activities to promote these principles, such as by taking on the role of a managing company in the WEPs subcommittee of Global Compact Network Japan (GCNJ).

Achievements in Diversity and Inclusion (Sumitomo Chemical)

★ : Assured by an independent assurance provider

Number of women in positions equivalent to manager or above*1 In order to promote the success of female employees, Sumitomo Chemical sets quantitative targets regarding the ratio of women in positions equivalent to sectional manager or above and systematically promotes female employees. 85 96 99★ 113
Percentage of women in positions equivalent to sectional manager or above (%)*1 4.5 5.1 5.2★ 5.8

Employment rate for people with
disabilities (%)*2

Sumika Partners Co., Ltd., a special subsidiary, began operations in April 2018, and we are working to expand employment opportunities for persons with disabilities who are motivated to work, including four of our group companies receiving approval as special affiliated companies as of June 2019. 2.06 2.24 2.41★ 2.56
Reemployment of retiree rate (%)*3 Sumitomo Chemical has established a retiree reemployment system that enables a variety of work styles while appropriately reflecting the motivation and abilities of each person. 92.1 92.6 89.0 TBD*4
  1. As of April 1 of each fiscal year
  2. As of June 1 of each fiscal year
  3. As of March 31 of each fiscal year
  4. Calculation is slated at March 31, 2021