Basic Policy

Sumitomo Chemical is implementing a range of health support measures to enable employees to live fuller lives and to actively maintain and promote their own physical and mental health with the assistance of the Company’s chief occupational health physician, beginning with medical staff providing health-related guidance to employees.

Management System

At the annual occupational health physician liaison meeting, the chief occupational health physician and the occupational health physicians of each worksite hold discussions and decide on Company-wide measures and targets. In addition, the occupational health physicians, medical staff (public health nurses, registered nurses, etc.), and health managers of each worksite work together to implement measures to maintain and promote health in collaboration with the Company and its health insurance association.

Furthermore, at Health Manager Meetings, the measures taken at each worksite are shares and the results are assessed. The Health Management Promotion Committee shares financial information, including that related to medical fees and the healthcare business of the health insurance association.

Promotion System for Health Maintenance and Promotion Measures (Chart)

  • Promotion System for Health Maintenance and Promotion Measures (Chart)

Targets and Results

After analyzing medical examination results and medical interview responses, we set quantifiable targets, such as improving the rate of positive findings, and take various measures to maintain and promote health.

In addition, Sumitomo Chemical was certified as a Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500) for the second year in a row. The Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization Recognition Program was created in 2016 by the Ministry of the Economy, Trade and Industry. The program recognizes companies that practice outstanding health and productivity management based on the health promotion efforts of the Japan Health Council. The Company’s various measures and systems related to health and productivity management received a positive evaluation.

  • 2018 Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization White 500

Examples of Initiatives

Mental Health

We have been cooperating with medical staff to properly implement the stress checks required by law for companies. We are working to prevent mental health problems by encouraging employees to take care of themselves and encouraging superiors to look after their subordinates. Employees are able to receive counseling from the Company’s medical staff.

We are involved in employees’ mental healthcare. We conduct group analyses of stress checks and analyze trends at worksites and workplaces to provide feedback to workplaces and set themes for lectures and other meetings.

In addition, during the new employee training and the grade-based promotion training, we hold appropriate mental healthcare training for participants eligible for training encouraging employees to take care of themselves and encouraging superiors to look after their subordinates.

Physical Health

Sumitomo Chemical implements in cooperation with its health insurance associations specified health checkups and specified health guidance which are required of the health insurance associations to implement by law and periodical medical examination. We analyze these results and questionnaire responses to study trends in employee health. As a result, the Company has expanded the eligible age range for specified health guidance for lifestyle disease to include all ages as we work to prevent such diseases.

Furthermore, the Company and its health insurance association work together to raise employee awareness, such as by jointly holding lectures on lifestyle habits (including those related to eating, sleeping, and exercising) and on diseases (including cancer).

In addition, the Company dispatches its chief occupational health physician to provide overseas medical counseling and evaluate medical service environments to support employees working overseas and their accompanying families. In fiscal 2018, medical counseling and environmental evaluations were implemented twice in Saudi Arabia, twice in China, and once each in the United States, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Analysis of Health Checkup Results and Questionnaire Responses (FY2017)

  • Lifestyle Disease Risks

  • Lifestyle Habits

Looking Ahead

Sumitomo Chemical will continue creating and implementing various initiatives to maintain and promote the health of employees. In addition, we will assess the results of these initiatives, make improvements, and implement PDCA cycles in our continuing efforts to develop better measures and support employee health.