Human Resources Development

Basic Policy

As the third number of the ‘Take Action’ Declaration, labor and management jointly announced the Sumika Development & Growth Declaration. We are promoting various measures aimed at carrying out the following five action items to help the Company and employees flourish together through development and growth.

Sumika Development & Growth Declaration
Five Action Items

Management System

Under the direction of human resources executives, the Headquarters Human Resources Department works closely with the HR departments of worksites, business sectors, regional headquarters, and Group companies in Japan and overseas to promote and roll out various programs. In addition, employees are rotated through job assignments based on each person’s specific training plans while sharing information with the production, administration, and HR departments.

Promotion and Rollout of Company-wide Training Programs Overseen by HR Departments

Targets and Results / Examples of Initiatives

We are working to enhance employee capabilities and develop human resources by implementing various training programs and measures for different purposes and employee classes.

Organization of Training Programs

  • Organization of Training Programs

    Note: The Company conducts in-house training courses in the areas of compliance, human rights, sustainability, and health maintenance and improvement

Methodical Development of Global Talent

Sumitomo Chemical is carrying out a staged training program in human resource development for employees both in Japan and at overseas Group companies, in order to discover and develop next-generation leaders in a systematic way, emphasizing the creation of Global Leaders who can take on the role of core management.

Next-Generation Leader Development System

  • Next-Generation Leader Development System

  1. Global Leader Training
    In our Global Leader Training for general managers inside and outside of Japan, participants learn about management perspectives and insights through lectures and discussions featuring executive officers and external executives. They decide on their own topics and provide advice on the content of these specific initiatives to the president and others in management.
  2. Leader Training
    In Sumitomo Chemical’s Leader Training for managerial employees both inside and outside of Japan, Sumitomo Chemical has worked with an overseas graduate school of business to carry out a program in both Singapore and Japan, held in English, with the goal of developing the employees’ conceptual strength and abilities to propose strategies for the creation of new value.

Leader Training Program

Human Resources Development and Human Resources System

(No. of people)

Name Approach FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Trainer System

Highly skilled employees who have an aptitude for teaching provide instruction and advice to facilitate development.

65 42 48
Senior Training Advisor System Supervisors and potential supervisors are provided OJT to develop core personnel for manufacturing departments. 5 4 8
Development of Global Talent In order to create global leaders who will play a central role in management and to develop talent that supports our global business operations, we systematically conduct various training programs.  
 (1) Global Leader Training Our global leader training program focuses on action learning. 23 21 20
(2) Leader Training Held in Singapore and Japan to develop the next generation of leaders, we conduct training programs in English. 28 27 27

Training for Development of Global Talent (for select participants)

FY2019 Results

  • Participants 47
  • Average time 88 hours per person

(breakdown: 42 men, 5 women)

Leadership and Management Skills Enhancement Training, Career Development Training (required for all eligible employees)

FY2019 Results

  • Participants 1,005
  • Average time 12 hours per person
  • Enrollment rate of all eligible employees: 100%*
  • Enrollment rate of all employees: 16.2%

* In the event that training cannot be taken during the employee’s year of eligibility, it must be taken within three years.

Looking Ahead

Sumitomo Chemical will continue to promote various measures for employee growth based on the five action items of the Sumika Development & Growth Declaration. We introduced a new personnel information integration solution called SUMIKA HR-BOX. We expanded online options for training programs. We will continue to take measures that let employees choose their own training contents and make learning a habit.