Basic Stance

Based on the concept of contributing to establishment of a sustainable society through the sustainable growth of business, the Sumitomo Chemical Group is committed to social contribution activities undertaken from three perspectives: securing safety and health, and protecting the environment; raising children who will lead the next generation; and assisting in natural disaster relief.

Regarding communication with society, while enhancing information disclosure and engaging in interactive dialogue, Sumitomo Chemical, its worksites in Japan and overseas, and Group companies engage in a variety of activities to ensure harmonious coexistence with local communities, thereby building good relations with them.

Sumitomo Chemical’s Social Contribution Activities

  • Sumitomo Chemical’s Social Contribution Activities

Management System

We are promoting Sumitomo Chemical’s social contribution activities throughout the entire Sumitomo Chemical Group, including Sumitomo Chemical’s Head Office, each worksite, and each Group company. To encourage such activities across the Group, we hold manager meetings attended by social contribution managers from each worksite. These meetings enable attendees to share information about their activities and exchange opinions. In addition, Group companies in Japan share information and exchange opinions through Domestic Group Company Liaison Meetings held by each functional department.

We are cooperating with the labor union in planning and conducting certain social contribution activities.

Goals and Results

The results of the main social contribution activities undertaken by Sumitomo Chemical and its Group companies are as follows.

FY2022 Main Social Contribution Activities at Bases in Japan (Sumitomo Chemical*1)

Type of ActivityNumber of Events

Education for the next generation*2
(including science classes held at schools, children’s office visits)

Cleaning beaches and neighborhoods around worksites 60
Worksite tours, community dialogues, hands-on work experiences 22
Hosting and participating in regional sports competitions, festivals, and other events 10
  1. Include some Group companies in Japan.
  2. Includes content related to the SDGs and sustainability

Volunteers for the OISCA Coastal Woodland Rejuvenation Project (Sumitomo Chemical Group*3)

(No. of people)
Number of volunteers for the OISCA coastal woodland rejuvenation project*4 0*5 0*5


  1. Sumitomo Chemical and Group companies in Japan participating in the Matching Gift program.
  2. Volunteer activities in Natori, Miyagi Prefecture.
  3. Suspended due to the pandemic

Major Donations in FY2022 (Sumitomo Chemical)

(Million yen)
Assisting in relief for the Turkish and Syrian earthquake 7.0
To support education in Africa (Plastic Recycling Education) 6.8

To support the development and education of children through ASHINAGA (Matching Gift program)

To support OISCA’s tree planting activities (Matching Gift program) 5.9
TABLE FOR TWO (Matching Gift program) 0.5

Note: Donation figures for Matching Gift programs are the amount of money provided by the Company.

Number of Major Donations in FY2022 (Sumitomo Chemical)

Total number of donations: 295

ItemNumber of cases
Local community activities 116
International exchange and cooperation 15
Sports 10
Academic study and research 9
Culture and art 14
Education and social education 22
Social welfare 15
Environment 9
Support to areas devastated by disasters 5
Others 80

Social Contribution Activities at Group Companies in Japan and Overseas

At Group companies in Japan and overseas, we emphasize community bonds and contributions at each business location and proactively conduct social contribution activities as a part of our broadly defined CSR activities, including creating shared value by leveraging the unique characteristics of each company.
In fiscal 2022, we conducted more than 500 social contribution activities, including activities aimed at contributing to local communities and activities aimed at enhancing employee awareness through donations and fund raising.
The Sumitomo Group will continue to work toward helping solve social issues, educating employees, and providing integrated communication mainly through community contributions in collaboration with the Company's worksites, initiatives promoted by the entire Group in unison, and promoting education for citizens and the broader society while respecting the individuality of employees.

Social Contribution Activities at Group Companies in Japan and Overseas

FY2022 Results Over 500

  • Guest lecture conducted at a nearby university (Group company in Japan)

  • Clean-up activity around the United Nations HQ (Group company overseas)

Examples of Initiatives

〈Securing Safety and Health, and Protecting the Environment〉

  • Initiatives to Ensure Safety at All Group Workplaces
  • Clean-up Activity: Global Clean-up Challenge
  • Matching Gift Program
  • TABLE FOR TWO Activities

Nurturing the Children of the Next Generation

  • Supporting Education through Science Workshops
  • Educational Support Related to SDGs
  • 13th Eco Proverb Contest
  • Support for Education in Africa
  • Supporting Plastic Recycling Education in Nigeria

Assisting in Natural Disaster Relief

  • Assisting in Relief for the Turkish and Syrian Earthquake 
  • Support for Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Emergency Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine 

Coexistence with Local Communities

  • Disclosing Information and Holding Diverse Interactive Dialogues Rooted in Local Communities
  • Coexistence with Each Country and Region

Looking Ahead

In order to maintain the trust of local communities, Sumitomo Chemical will promote its social responsibilities by making various social contributions distinctive to the Sumitomo Chemical Group that lead to solving global problems and coexistence with local communities through various activities.